Saturday, May 06, 2006

Show #31: Being a Vampire Makes Your Titties HUGE!

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Shownotes by Joel:

02:22: New Equipment = Love!
But Dave, doesn't it still sound like the crap we always put out? Even with the new mic and preamp we bought from those delectable scientists of sound over at George's Music III?

06:54: Jack Bauer, that's not legal!
Joel: It's ASTONISHING how much Jack Bauer loves to paralyze people with charlie horses.
Dave: But what about checks and balances?

10:24: Nintedo's Wii. LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!

Dave: The Wii? Can you trademark that, because I've been using mine for years and I don't want to get sued...
Joel: How does that make sense?

Dave: Joel and I have different approaches to gaming. Mainly that I do play and Joel, for all intents and purposes, do not.
Joel: I beat Phantom Dust yesterday. I'm still a gamer, guys!!
Dave: I played about 30 minutes of Einhander this week.
Joel: We're the worst gamers ever.

Joel: Man, what is the deal with this comic? It's not funny, it's really just annoying.
Dave: But it does let us postulate on the etmology of sex organs!

20:00: Vampires + Guns = ...bad? I don't get it.

Joel:How can a cartoon about vampires and guns go wrong? What's the deal with lame coats and worse animation?
Dave: They spent all their time increasing the size of that one chick's breasts...

Joel: Dave, how do you spell Alucard?.
Dave: A-R-U-C-A-R-D. Joel, you better start walking on eggshells with that shit. If you spell it like that again they're gonna take away your dork street cred.

Joel: How are we gonna avoid going to hell for using AIDS as a joke?
Dave: I prefer to think of it not as an AIDs joke, but as a vampire joke. And since vampires don't exist we won't get in trouble!
Joel: You know what, it doesn't really matter. I think we've already been there.

28:45: Cute girls and anime

Joel: Are there really attractive girls who watch anime?
Dave: In theory, it's possible. But they all cosplay as Vice from King of Fighters, or the chick with the huge breasts from Hellsing and none of them will ever sleep with us.

35:58: In Conclusion

Next week, DearS or Big O II? A better question would be "Do you want us to get an ulcer, or do you want us to be happy?"

Joel: Any thoughts on little girls joining a Panda family?
Dave: I've already said what I need to say on the subject.

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