Saturday, May 13, 2006

Show #32: Cast In The Name of God Ye: SO SEXY!

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Shownotes by Joel:

1:22 Being a Dick on the Inernet.

Joel:I love getting blasted for posting on a forum. Its my favorite thing. People just need to chill out.
Dave: Joel, being a dick on the internet is like a Native American vision quest, except instead of doing peyote and meeting a talking cactus, they log onto their Xbox and call you a spic.
Joel: Or a fag.
Dave: Right, or a "fag".
Joel: It's all VERY mature.

Joel: And what is up with self important ass-holes posting their drivel on the internet?
Dave: What you are seeing there is actually not drivel, but the BEST WEBSITE MAN HAS EVER KNOWN OR WILL EVER KNOWN FOREVER. So I will thank you kindly to shut up before I go all Hong Kong Fooey on your ass.

6:07: Synthetic Paralelism

Joel: No its not. Seriously, it isn't. And speaking of things that are actually dystoptian, Fist of the North Star is awesome, but Desert Punk blows.

9:52: Size is important.

Dave: The size of our forum is perfect, if things get too big, everything falls apart.
Joel: Just like with Republics.
Dave: Joel, you are allowed ONE historical reference per shownotes.

11:17 Pyschonauts!

Joel: Finally, I bought this game! (
Dave: Finally, I will be able to borrow this game from Joel!
Joel: I think it It takes so long for us to play games because we still love games like River City Ransom
Dave: It's more a matter of me only wanting to play games I know how to play. Thank you Nintendo!!

Highschool Sports are disparagingly hard.

14:14 Once again we try Japanese

Joel: Dave, are you sure you pronounced that right, is it really Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun?
Dave: I know how to pronounce one word.
Joel: What's that?
Dave: SHUT UP.
Joel: That's two words...

16:51 Super Robot Wars!

Dave: I've been waiting my whole LIFE to shoot my arms at someone!
Joel: But if you do that, how will they come back to you?
Dave: Faith and prayer, Joel, faith and prayer.

17:30 Big O! Big O, Big O, Big O, Big O!

Dave: Its safe to say that me and Joel love this show.
Joel: Dave mostly likes it because to him it's a substitute for sex.
Dave: Big O's Piston Punch is the only reason I am able to sustain an erection.
Joel: Well thanks. Thanks for that.

Seriously. Erection.

Joel: Noir and giant robots: lets bring those hands together.
Dave: Dear Japan: Please make more shows were detectives climb into giant robots... also, send me Aikawa Nanase and make her have sex with me.

Joel: Byzantine! This just in, the word of the month: Byzantine
Dave: Every conversation I have from this point forward, for the rest of my life, will contain this word.

24:41 Psyche, take that fans!

Joel: That is seriously funny. Broadcasting the wrong episode was a mistake, pretending to do it again in the face of fan outrage is genius.
Dave: The hilarity of the event reaches nearly byzantine proportions!

27:03 Jerry Chu

Joel: Jerry Chu loves us, he just doesn't know it yet.
Dave: The skipping here was not technical difficulties, but actually me editing out Joel's uncomfortable man-lust.
Joel: Hey, you said you wouldn't tell!
Dave: Joel, on the internet, people lie.

28:25 Infernal Affairs

Joel:This movie was alright, everyone dies and its about a half hour too long.
Dave: Oh my god Joel! Spoiler tags!!

30:39 Tacos are good even when they're octopus

Joel: Takadanobaba is a kicking place.
Dave: Actually, the senate passed a law. You're not allowed to be a 'kicking place' without the inclusion of actual tacos.

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