Saturday, June 03, 2006

Show #35: Dear Peter Chung: Please Die

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Shownotes by Joel:

1:13 Perry Bible Fellowship

Joel: This is the greatest comic ever! And this isn't the 50th comic I've said that about ... today!
Dave: Funny story. They run PBF in one of our city's local papers. I read it at work one day and it was so funny I peed my pants with joy.
Joel: That's not all that funny.
Dave: I guess you had to be there.

Hilarity. Ensues.

2:40 Mozesh: Supersleuth Extrordinaire

Joel: Mozesh is our main man in europe ... also, our only man in Europe.
Dave: Actually, that's not true. We can't forget our other European supporters! Gillsing, Thalasion, Cotton Pickin' Joe!
Joel: The interesting thing about Mozesh is that he changes his forum avatar approximately every twelve seconds, thus making it look like there's more people running around the forum then there actually is.
Dave: We call him Mr. Avatar. It's a stealth technique that allows him to perfect his sleuthing craft.

3:44 Outlaw Star v. Cowboy Bebop

Joel:Yeah Dave, but what about Diet Pepsi versus Joe Frasier?
Dave: My brother actually met Joe Frasier. In a bar. A bar that's literally AROUND THE CORNER FROM WHERE I WORK. I was a little pissed off.
Joel: What about Jim Brown vs. Towering Inferno?
Dave: Actually, that one already happened.

6:20 Avoidance avoided!!!

Joel: I love it when we contradict ourselves immediately. Seriously, you didn't stop saying we're gonna avoid talking about videogames before we started talking about videogames.
Dave: It's a secret trick to lull the audience into a false sense of security before I break into their house and steal all their stuff.
Joel: Did it work?
Dave: I don't know Joel... have you seen all my new stuff?

9:09 That robot ... ya know ... him?

Joel: His name is Grys Vok. I had to look that up. :(
Dave: That's because the human mind protects itself by blocking the names of any robots from that game who are bigger pussies than Viper II or Arpharmid B. That is to say: all of them.

You Rock, Viper II

10:00 Oblivion Dino

Joel: Apparently this Blog is more interesting than the actual game.
Dave: I hate to disappoint our audience, but you can't actually have sex with/give the finger to anyone in the actual game. You CAN still have metaphysical conversations with your in-game avatar, but I wouldn't suggest it.
Joel: Not when other people are around, anyway.

11:43 Respectable women in Anime.


Joel: Gasakri's ingenue ass kicker.
Dave: Not my favorite character, but not being a braindead slut is a step in the right direction.

Deunan Knute

Joel: Appleseed's ... ass ... kicker. I'm spent.
Dave: The ability to kick flip and karate chop people immediately overrides your need for intelligence. Also, she has pretty much the best name in the known universe (except for our cat Porkchop), so that's like double bonus points.


Joel: Saturday anime, where would we be without you.
Dave: Well, we certainly wouldn't be pissed off that they kept showing only half the show over and over again.
Joel: Still, Iria's okay...
Dave: I guess. Why did she keep risking her life to get that grenade launcher? We'll never know!

Kris Kristopher

Joel:Dave likes this show, but I distrust it, for reasons that are made obvious by the box.
Dave: Joel, you don't need to be jealous because Mylandah is the hottest character in the known universe.
Joel: Isn't she like, sixteen?
Dave: Well yeah, but she doesn't LOOK sixteen. It's like how Molly Ringwald is totally hot in the Breakfast Club. Even though she's supposed to be a highschooler she's actually like, twenty six.
Joel: Whatever helps you sleep at night, creep-o.

Psycho bitches: totally hot

Motoko Kusanagi

Joel: Great, in spite of Badongadonk, she's still the man. Also, in spite of Masamune Shiro. /shiver
Dave: I think it's a testament to the tenacity of the human race that anything in this WORLD is great, considering it occupies the same matter as Masamune Shiro.
Joel: I think it's a testament to our tenacity that everything in the world isn't an anthromorphic horse having sex with a lactating cowgirl.
Dave: Something like that.


Kei and Yuri

Joel: Dirty Pair, how did this get in and not Bubblegum Crisis?
Dave: Because Bubblegum Crisis totally sucks.
Joel: Isn't Bubblegum Crisis, like, your favorite show of all time?
Dave: Yes, but what you don't realize is that all fans of the show are inflicted with a terrible disease that makes them think it's actually good, when, in fact, it is crap.
Joel: Well that would explain your love of Battle Athletes.
Dave: No, Battle Athletes Victory is just awesome, dick.

Faye Valentine

Joel: Respectable because she has actual depth.
Dave: Also massive cleavage.
Joel: Sort of besides the point, Dave.

23:32 Aeon Flux

Joel: I hate everything about this. Everything!
Dave: I actually hate this show so much that I hate conversations on internet messageboards that its fans haven't had yet.

24:03 Riddick Short

Joel: Interested, but not nearly enough to overcome the hatred of Peter Chung.
Dave: Not even the inclusion of Space Muslim Keith David could change my mind.

25:44 Sexing the back hole, literally
Joel: No, seriously. The hole in my back.
Dave: I think Peter Chung needed to look at this. And then DIE!

29:12 Thurgood ... Goodfellow ... Goodchild!

Joel: We had to get there eventually. As with driving, Dave and I are never lost.
Dave: It's true. We just occupy a state of statis until the proper conclusion is reached.
Joel: Then we get Cinnabon!

30:13 The Evolution of King of the Hill

Joel: I feel like I need to point out that this is the second time we've talked about precursors, genetic and otherwise.
Dave: I feel like I'm glad this is the first time in like TEN YEARS we haven't had to hear you talk about Archimedes, or some bullshit like that.

31:22 Equilibrium

Joel: Man, this movie was great. Triple spin punch!
Dave: Well, it was better than Aeon Flux...

1 comment:

Chris Sobieniak said...

Great podcast as usual!

Just wanted to bring up I hate Peter Chung with a vengence! Mainly for his 98-pound weaklings he still likes to dabble in!

In case you needed to know, the full name of that guy from AE was Trevor Goodchild I think. I personally didn't care for the TV series myself for the same reasons you have, I guess MTV felt they wanted to do something that wasn't just another Beavis & Butt-Head clone such as what they had with "Ghe Brothers Grunt" or anything else that came afterwards (I actually didn't care for the later King of the Hill episodes frankly for the writing and stiff action).

If there was something MTV did I could agree with, it would be "The Maxx", that show was easier to handle than AE! AE was only good as the shorts that once aired on MTV's earlier animated effort, Liquid Television (1991-93).

At least you didn't get into talking about Chung's little segment in "The Animatrix", or the live-action AE flop! :-)