Saturday, June 10, 2006

Show #36: The Relaxing Soul of Mr. Phil Perry

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Shownotes by Joel:

0:46 Tekken :(
Joel: Noooo! Not Tekken! Man, that was a mediocre game and a terrible anime. Maybe even a terrible live action movie as well.
Dave: Only time will tell...
Joel: Unless we burn them first.

2:50 Reader Commentary!

Joel: Wow, there are actual people that listen to this stuff? Suprising.
Dave: What'll be more surprising is if they keep listening after this.

9:04 Is this still going on?
Joel: Man, we got so pumped by this comment.
Dave: It's astounding how much reading comments made me want to punch Joel in the face.
Joel: Hey, what...?
Dave: Send more e-mails if you want Joel to get punched in the face!!

10:02 Animatrix

Joel: Well, it was as bad as everything else that was spawned by the Matrix.

10:25 Ain't it cool news

Joel: Well, that bridge is burned. Way to go Dave!
Dave: That bridge was burned before it was build...
13:40 Nanaka 6/17

Joel: What is this new devilry!?
Dave: And Koi Kaze!
Joel: Behold, evil in its many forms!
Dave: Truly this is the end of days.

18:35 Keith Burgess

Dave: Behold, the man, the myth ... the legend.
Joel: That's a whole lotta legend.

20:10 Half Life .03 Episode 1/2 Chapter 37 Verse 12

Joel: Dave's struggles with the name of this game not withstanding, it was only alright.
Dave: I'll never argue with blowing up walking insect monsters, but it's not all that fun when I already spent twelve hours doing it two years ago. Alyx Vance, however, is still quite the cutey.
Joel: Creepy.

Hey Cutey

27:58 Episodic Content

Joel: So far, not so good. I guess they're still working it out.
Dave: Only a jerk would buy episode content.
Joel: Sooooooo...
Dave: Yes, I'm a jerk.

29:05 Alyx: Cutie Pattootie

Joel: I'll agree, but with a high degree of cognitive dissonance.
Dave: I'd like to cognative HER dissonance.
Joel: I quit.

29:06 Riding Bean

Joel: Where the hell does the bean come from? I didn't see anyone on a bean. NO ONE!
Dave: I think I might've seen one...

29:36 Marilith

Joel: Read a few pages. Not really interested.
Dave: But the trigger speed! The trigger speed!

31:09 Wikipedia

Joel: The irony of this note had better not be lost on you.
Dave: It's like rain, you know, on your wedding day.

32:27 Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 v. El Hazard

Joel: Interesting
Dave: I don't think the creative bankrupcy of Japanese animation is adequately described as 'interesting'.

37:58 Desert Punk ... NOOOOOOOO!

Joel: Dave's children will lead horrifying lives.
Dave: Well, yeah, but not because of that...


Gooberzilla said...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've been sucked in by the galaxy-ending train-wreck that is Desert Punk. I know it's a bad show. The animation quality ping-pongs horribly, the stories are derivative, and the "humor" is outright creepy. But I can't stop watching. The show has wormed its malignant way into my consciousness, and though I could wash until my skin peeled off, the taint of Desert Punk would remain.

I hope you stopped watching after the first DVD, because by the time the third DVD rolls around, you'll be left a quivering, gibbering, weeping sore of a man, like myself.


Spankminister said...

Hey, the URL for this show is wrong in the RSS feed. It goes to

when the extension should be .mp3