Saturday, June 24, 2006

Show #38: Amnesia is Not a Plot Device

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Dave's Comment: Hey guys. Something went crazy with the audio this week and it recorded at double speed. I THINK I fixed it, but if it sounds totally weird, I really apologize. Seriously, I'm all like ---> :(

0:10: The tower of Babel

Joel:Behold, the glory of our podcast!

2:04: Gokiburi Chachacha

Joel: Goki, nooooo! One more comrade felled by Desert Punk
Dave: ...and our podcast...

5:53: The World Cup

Joel: Even though our country is awful.
Dave: Well, awful at this sport
Joel: Even though, Dave and I love it.
Dave: And we're the only two Americans that do.

6:47: Rob Zombie needs to have his camera broken.

Joel: What is the deal with this guy. All of his movies are terrible.
Dave: Saying that his movies are terrible isn't enough. By saying that you're implying that his songs, ex: "Dragula", were not TOTAL CRAP.
Joel: Point noted.
9:28: Conan The Barbarbian

Joel: Man, I love these movies. In spite of Grace Jones, I love these movies.
Dave: Insult Grace Jones again and I'll pop you in the jaw.
Joel: No, not my jaw!

11:02: Chef's Table and You Bet Your Garden

Joel: These shows are the precise reason I never donate to NPR.
Dave: I don't donate because I have too many tote bags as is.

12:53: Steam Bot Chronicles a.k.a. Bumpy Trot a.k.a The Bane of Dave's Existence

Joel: Right now, Dave has no less than 506 Banes of His Existence.
Dave: I'm very easy to be spited.

16:16 Still just Dave.
Joel: I never played this game. Just thought I should make this redundant.
Dave: Joel, your life is better for not having played it, WE GET IT. Don't rub it in.
Joel: It's good to feel superior.
20:58 Hell Revealed

Joel: I knew I wasn't imagining this!
Dave: Joel, you obviously made that fansite last night.

22:05: Soporiphic games: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Breakdown

Dave: Nap time!
Joel: I was the dwarf in Baldur's Gate. Man, that flaming halbred was the jam!
Dave: Joel, I don't think you've ever played a game where you WEREN'T a dwarf.

24:05: Jade Empire

Joel: Cut me some slack. I've only played like 4 games.
Dave: And none of them a Grand Theft Auto!

25:14: Dead Leaves

Joel: It would be a poor man's FLCL, but making the poor watch this would be adding insult to injury.
Dave: I wanted to call Abenobashi Magical Shopping district a poor man's FLCL, but then the director of FLCL came over and kicked my ass and told me if I ever said it he'd bust me across the jaw so hard my momma would feel it.
Joel: Man, Japanese people don't eff around...
Dave: Not when you're talking about crap like Abenobashi Magical Shopping District.

29:35: Production IG

Joel: This show is like the macrocosm to the Badongadonk in GITS. Its like they wanted to make a whole show with that idea in mind.
Dave: Except instead of making that show (which would be awesomely filled with cyborg butt) instead they made a show about poop.
Joel: And robotic penis drills.

31:10: Popcorn in a tin

Joel: I can't emphasize enough how good caramel popcorn is. Also chocolate pretzles.
Dave: I can't emphasize how much better eating ONE of those would've been over experiencing Dead Leaves.

34:50: Fist of the North Star on DVD
Joel: Man, I can't believe this hasn't been put on DVD yet.
Dave: The real problem is that crap like Dead Leaves HAS BEEN.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up for a one way ticket to popcornopolis. The delcious district.

Daryl Surat said...

While I completely agree with not trusting videogame reviewers--even though a lot of times if I want information on an older game, the IGN and Gamespy sites are the only games in town--and I greatly appreciate the veiled cracks towards the Anime World Order podcast, specifically Gerald's segments, I'm going to have to disagree on the idea that "if the beginning of a game is that a guy wakes up with amnesia, then toss game in trash."

You see, if I were to accept what you say as true, I would have to forego Planescape: Torment, which I have decided to replay rather than play any of the oh...300 games that I've yet to complete or start. Still, I guess that probably counts as a Baldur's Gate game since it uses the Infinity Engine, and to make things tougher it's the only one that DOESN'T have co-op in it. I'm guessing it wouldn't be your thing.

Anyway, screw you guys for talking about the pain of watching Dead Leaves and Desert Punk. I have to go watch freaking MD Geist and MD Geist II now, okay?!

Watching MD Geist repeatedly is the reason that I abhor caramel popcorn and indeed, caramel itself. In the three-sectioned popcorn tins, I consume only the cheddar and regular popcorn, leaving the caramel popcorn to decay away. Thanks a lot, MD Geist.