Saturday, July 08, 2006

Show #40: Viewtiful!

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Shownotes presented in masterful Karate Vision

2:15 Viewtiful Joe: 1 for 5

Joel: .200, that's not even a good batting average.
Dave: It is if you play for a Philadelphia sports team!

3:30 Clovis: King of the Francs

Joel: I thought the analogy was fine.
Dave: Yeah, because a ton of people spent four years in college studying sissy French kings.

4:53 Zelda 2

Joel: What? Zelda 2? I guess the jumping horse guy was cool, but that's it. It alway struck me as a worse version of Castlevania 2.
Dave: But just about every game is a worse version of Castlevania 2.

5:22 Sentai

Joel: My mind is blown. According to this research, we've been misusing, if only slightly, this word.
Dave: What we call "sentai" is actually about forty five different genres of live action Japanese TV combined. At this point it's not even worth trying to distinguish them. Solo hero? Team hero? Team hero with robots? Team hero with robots and giant monsters? JUST giant monsters? All sentai.
Joel: What about Godzilla?
Dave: World's largest sentai hero.

7:39 Lame scenes

Joel: Its all about the melodrama. As these pictures demonstrate.

Instant Boners, all of them
8:14 Rodimus Prime

Joel: Robots are the only thing that touches Dave's heart.
Dave: Mostly with an inspired hatred of them.
Joel: Right.
Dave: Except for Dinobots.
Joel: Riiiiiiiiight.

10:10 Airmaster finally redeems itself
Joel: That is, in fact, a double entant. Final episode ... finally ... get it?!
Dave: Redeems is a relative term. It's more 'sucks a lot less'.

Once again, total boner.

10:43 Lucha Libre

Joel: This is hardly an obscure cultural phenomonon.
Dave: It's more popular than corn rolling!
Joel: Corn rolling?!
Dave: I have to go.

15:35 Its the scene at the beginning of this podcast
Joel: He was Fire Leo and he was hot, hot, hot.
Dave: Joel, Fire Leo was a dude...

Too hot to handle!

17:21 Capcom, what has become of you.

Joel: Its true, there have been few good games from Capcom recently. I used to look forward to their releases. Now I just wait for what Street Fighter game they're repackaging.
Dave: Due to lag and poor ports, I don't even want THOSE.

23:37 Batman Beyond

Joel: This show captures that dark side of the Batman universe made popular in stories like The Dark Knight Returns.
Dave: More shows need to use the word 'chouette'.

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