Saturday, July 22, 2006

Show #42: Joel Counts To Three

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0:21 Otakon

Joel: We get thrown out of places all the time. Well, only once but that feels like a lot.
Dave: Driving home at 3 AM would do that to you.

02:54 AWO

Joel: It got mentioned, and Dave is gay for Daryl Surat.
Dave: Ouch?

4:15 Kenshiro and poor production

Joel: Man how long can that siren really go on for? I didn't even notice it when we were podcasting.
Dave: It's really just indicative of living in West Philadelphia. Unless someone dies right in front of you, you don't really notice.

07:06 FFXI = Microcosm

Joel: Its true. MMORPGs seem to provide a portrait in miniature of whatever the broader internet has to offer.
Dave: i.e.: crap.

9:28 The Greatest Movie Ever

Joel: Man, Goki's promo is awesome. It makes me feel bad about everything we're ever done. :(
Dave: We'll have a promo... eventually!!

11:42 Madox 01

Joel: To me, Dave can't read.

13:04 Apocalypse Zero Manga

Joel: Remember, where you stare into the abyss, it stares back into you.
Dave: Poor Daryl Surat...

15:55 This is the robot

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Joel: Real inconspicuous. Keep in mind, the kids brilliant plan is to drive this through Tokyo to meet his girlfriend.
Dave: What's the worst that could happen?

21:37 Knights of the Zodiac a.k.a Saint Seiya a.k.a. Ronin Warriors Was Better.

Dave: Oh snap!! SAGE OF HALO!

22:11 Girls on Film

Joel: This was actually one of the first videos to be banned from MTV. I wonder if Speed Grapher will fare better.
Dave: It is my hope that Speed Grapher is banned from ALL TV.

24:46 It should be Kenshiro

Joel: Ken's email may have made it impossible for us not to mention The Fist of North Star, or made it more impossible for us not to mention it, if that's possible.
Dave: Our podcast is like how there's a Starbucks coffee cup in every scene of Fight Club. Fist of the North Star is omniprescent.

30:24 Mega Zone 23

Joel: Well, Mega Zone was definitely better than Kite.
Dave: Because that's so hard.


Gooberzilla said...

I love Metal Skin Panic Madox-01. It's a thoroughly silly, appropriately cheesy slice of eighties goodness. Plus, knowing that Robert Woodhead passed over Project: A-ko in favor of Madox -- a move which he probably kicks himself for to this date -- never fails to bring a snarky smile to my lips. Not that I have a beef against Mr. Woodhead or anything. I just think its funny.

Once again, thanks for the props. Mom'll be tickled pink when she hears some of the positive feedback she's been garnering.

Ginrai said...

Haha, awesome show. I especially liked the the song about MADOX-01. Yeah, I like MADOX too. The total lack of logic is beautiful.

Only complaint: Umetsu didn't direct Megazone 23 Part 2. He just did the character designs. It was directed by Ichiro Itano. You know. The guy who made all the cool swirling missiles in Macross. He's good at shiny robots and swirling missiles.

Gooberzilla said...

Technically, Umetsu didn't direct Yellow Star, either, but both Megazone 23 Part II and Yellow Star serve as evidence that Umetsu likes to associate himself with projects involving young ladies getting hammered doggy-style.

Ginrai said...

I'm not arguing Umetsu's love of doggystyle at all. But remember that Part 1 also has its lingering sex scene (with magical inviso-man action, either that or it's first person, like Doom!) and Umetsu had nothing to do with that. Probably Itano went, "Okay, and now they have sex again!" And Umetsu went, "YES. DOGGYSTYLE."

But if you don't like anything else in the movie aside from them getting it on, blame Itano or screenwriter Hiroyuki Hoshiyama.