Monday, July 31, 2006

Show #43: Fast Karate SAVES THE SPACE!

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Dave sez: Joel and I tend to joke around a lot, it's sort of how we make our trade, but be aware of this: Black Heaven really is one of the greatest shows of all time. It's a simple story about a simple man and it's truly heartwarming when you really think about it. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing, but if you don't get a little choked up during the penultimate scene then you aren't human.

If you have a chance to watch Black Heaven, do not let it pass you by. It's a masterpiece.

In closing (to the preface), I leave you with a quote from my good friend Andrew:

Andrew: You better put that tie around your head, you know that's what gives you the awesoma power.

Think about it.

Shownotes by Joel:

1:56 Errata

Joel: I think I was much more comfortable in the dark on this one.
Dave: I've been living with this pain for like eight years. Deal with it.

3:35 Legend of Black Heaven

Joel: Burned out eighties rockers return to the stage to save the universe. Sign me up.
Dave: Sign me up double.

Back to back playing style!

4:30 Sound in Space

You might want to tell me that sound can't travel through the vaccuum of
space. I would say to you, shut up or my space rock groove powered
super weapon will destroy everyone you love.

6:38 Johnny Mnemonic

Joel: I'm not sure why Dave brought this up, but I love me some Johnny Mnemonic, Lotec fo'eva.
Dave: I'm actually not sure myself. Obviously I was confused, because it's Ice T in the movie, not Ice CUBE. ...and I got the quote wrong... :(

8:46 Macross Plus

Joel: Macross Plus was a good movie and it helped us learn an important lesson: cyber pop idols are evil and they will inevitably seek to control the alien technology our civilization now possesses.
Dave: Despite being evil, most cyberpop idols are TOTALLY HOT.

My word! Singing? I do say my emotions (or lack thereof) are totally flabbergasted!

9:53 Saint Anger

Joel: This album was good, Dave's stupid and wrong opinion not withastanding.
Dave: I'm sorry Joel, sorry I come from a time when metal wasn't totally CRAPPY and WEAK.

14:35 Beau Billingsley

Joel: He has achieved main man status, not that that's really much of achievement. It's still just me and Dave.
Dave: Who the hell else is going to give it to him? David Williams of ADV Films? I THINK NOT! Not much of an achievement? Try greatest honor ever.

19:47 Hajime No Ippo

Joel: Man, I really would like to see what happens in this show.
Dave: Man, I really wish there weren't so many DVDs in this series that it comprimised my ability to EAT.

20:29 Cowboy Bebop

Joel: Holy crap I love this show. Space noir cowboy bounty hunters. Its like the box of some Anime health food: only good ingredients.
Dave: Joel, saying it's like health food denotes it's crap. I think Cowboy Bebop is like a half a gallon of Rocky Road, except it's Rocky Road that also gets you laid... and possibly drunk.
Joel: I guess that's good too...

21:23 Guyver

Joel: New Guyver? New powers? Guyver was all about insane violence. Insane violence that did not involve lasers.
Dave: Actually Joel, I'm pretty sure the only new thing in this Guyver was his ability to make the last six episodes -totally- -weak-.

Well, I guess he won't claim to be the heir to the Hokuto no Ken again.

23:08 Dark Star is not the right thing, not at all.

Joel: We were not right about this at all. The guy's name was Dark Hawk.
Dave: Regardless, he did get shot in the leg that one time and complain about it... though now I can't remember where I was going with this. Also, Dark STAR totally sucked. All Jon Carpenter movies that weren't made between 1980 and 1995 are totally crap, and even in that relatively short time frame there's some landmines you need to look out for.

One more time:

Andrew: Dude, I knew he was bass.


Gooberzilla said...

I protest, good sirs!

Dark Star is, in fact, the Greatest Movie EVER, and thus must end up on my podcast at some point, along with the already contested Ghosts of Mars.

It's one of those films you can't really appreciate if you only watch it once. Seriously, how can you not love a film where you have to teach an intelligent, planet-busting bomb phenomenology?

Joel said...

Goki, there is no way Dark Star can be grouped with such auspicious titles as Conan the Barbarian and Big Trouble in Little China. Consider your protest protested and keep in mind, using the double stamp precedent, this protest cannot in turn be protested.

Also, I just saw Serenity, which was kinda like a good version of Ghosts of Mars with the reavers and all.

Gooberzilla said...
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