Sunday, August 06, 2006

Show #44: Seriously Awkward

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Dave sez: Otakon was the business.

0:30 Ewwwwwwww

Joel: Maggots are gross ... that's all I've got.
Dave: I came back home to no flies, and the apartment wasn't burned down. A+++!

2:06 Spontaneous Generation

Joel: There was actually a time when man not only believe meat generated maggots, but that rotting wood generated ducks.
Dave: True story.

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Hot hot hot

3:30 The Heat Index

Joel: People from the south will understand what the Japanese know Mushiatsui which translates to "Its hot as balls. No really, balls."
Dave: This week it's been about 85 degrees, which calculates to a 30-some degree drop in temperature.

5:47 Mad Max 2: The Only Really Good One

Joel: Mel Gibson brings the word of God to Lord Humungus' gang. What is the word? Don't eff with Mel Gibson.
Dave: Especially if you're a stupid kyke cop.

6:03 Snow Crash

Joel: This book isn't so much a summation of my goals in life as it is verbatum recreation. Its everything the 13 year old kid inside thought he would be when he was 6. With a single caveat: I didn't know the aleutian islands were populated.
Dave: And I didn't know what a dentata was!

9:46 The CS poem

Joel: This might actually be the worst thing written in the english language. If you count l337 as english.

12:03 Gerald Rathkolb

Joel: This is a podcast that actually knows something about anime and as a result is wildly popular as far as I'm concerned.
Dave: More importantly, this is probably the ONLY podcast on the internet that knows something worthwhile about anime.

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13:16 Dragon Voice

Joel: I was dead right about what this was called, which I only just learned via google. Have picture.

15:26 Shinji Aramaki

Joel: This is a pretty impressive catalog.
Dave: Even Appleseed: The movie was halfway decent!
Joel: When compared to the Appleseed OVA...
Dave: Well, yeah...

16:58 Kikaider 01

Joel: Roley poley robots that grow disturbingly violent as they approach a more human conciousness.
Dave: Blah blah blah, man's inhumanity to man... GO HAKKAIDER!!

19:17 Spoilers

Joel: This is the worst disclaimer ever. I can't believe we basically blame our listeners for not having watched something.
Dave: This podcast is for people who don't dick around. If you dick around, then don't listen to our podcast... dicks.

20:56 Mazinkaiser vs. Kikaider Zero Wan

Joel: These songs are not so much similar as they are entirely dissimilar. What the heck Dave?
Dave: Joel, you need to look into the metaphysical to understand. Since clearly you cannot see the etherial links that inextricably bind these two shows, then I consider you lost to my cause. You're fired, clean out your locker.
Joel: You can't fire me, I quit... and you're not my boss!
Dave: Oh...

25:26 The abyss

Joel: This is a glimpse into the mind of Dave and Joel. To reassure: trembling is not unusual. It is difficult to look into the abyss.
Dave: What? I was distracted...

31:14 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Joel: Actually Dave, this was the sixth episode. Try to keep it undercontrol or you'll incurr the wrath of the Star Wars faction of the internet, and we don't have enough acne cream and self confidence to fend them all off.
Dave: Joel, by referring to Return of the Jedi as the THIRD Star Wars movie, as most "true fans" disavow the prequels, I'm actually getting cred with the only Star Wars fansthat matter: none of them.

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Alright Jesus Town, let's rock.

34:31 Hakaider

Joel: Ryuhei Kitamura refereces are not exactly the best way to recommend something.
Dave: Joel, don't be a square.


The Joel said...

I just realized that heat index scale goes up to 140 degrees air temperature. My tip for living through heat like that: move. Why even have the scale go that hi?

Gooberzilla said...

On Mad Max:

I posit that the Mad Max movies actually increase in quality with each consecutive sequel at an exponential rate.

Therefore, if Mad Max 4: Fury Road ever actually comes out, it will be so mind-bogglingly awesome that it will tear a rent in the space-time continuum and suck our entire galaxy into the shrieking void beyond.

Also, I hope to cover Beyond Thunderdome at some future date.