Sunday, August 13, 2006

Show #45: Otakon 2006: New Friends

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Dave sez: Where are the shownotes? Has zombie godzilla taken them?

0:01 Hate hate hate

Joel: Nice try Mark but our karate is so strong no one can handle it, which is why no one listens to us.
Dave: Save your breath Joel, spammers don't speak english.

2:36 back to back microphone madness

Joel:Dave and I can now live out our wildest 80s glam rock fantasies.
Dave: And you can listen to us in (almost, sorta) high fidelity sound!

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5:30 I wish Dave knew this saying

Joel: "I wish I knew then what I know now." There, now it actually makes sense.
Dave: I wish I knew how to make you shut up.

6:20 Alpha Shade gets their propers

Joel: These guys have been cool with Dave and Skabs for a while, and now they have a link on this podcast.
Dave: Because they totally need it.

7:26 John Skabla

Joel: Big sissy girl ... who can also draw.
Dave: Also, the 'big' is under question.

9:07 Sic Productions

Joel: I'm pretty sure everything Dave said was gibberish. Still, Abelard did write a book called Sic et Non.
Dave: You're treading on thin ice, Joel.

13:39 AWO and Ninja Consultants

Joel: These podcasts are comprised of 100% awesome people.
Dave: Except for Daryl Surat.
Joel: Wait, what?

16:01 Urusei Yatsura and Ranma

Joel: Dave once again endears himself to the anime community.
Dave: Never, not even in the face of armageddon, never compromise.

18:14 Ninja Consultants Promo

Dave: This promo is 'lol-tastic'

20:28 Ninja Gaiden

Joel: This game was impossible. I was thoroughly convinced the two gargoyles were the last boss based entirely on how hard they were.
Dave: Why the eff is the last boss of a Japanese game named Jacquito?
Joel: A better question, one raised many times over, is why an eagle can take off more life than a bullet.

21:30 Clown Pistols

Joel: Daryl also quoted John Wilkes Boothe as he fired. Classic.
Dave: Hey Mr. History, how about he quoted BRUTUS.

27:52 Open Arms

Joel: Man, Journey is awesome!

28:49 Silent Hill Panel

Joel: Imagine someone reading to you in preschool. Now take away a story book with a bear and a mischievious squirrel and replace it with three girls giggling at each other and sometimes telling you about Silent Hill.
Dave: Wait, what Silent Hill?

31:32 King of Fighters Cosplay

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31:56 Silent Hill Plot Summary

Joel: This guy spent a lot of timing failing school to produce this.
Dave: I'm pretty sure he was like 35 when he made it.
Joel: That's sad. :(

34:16 Gradius

Joel: Is Gradius really that soothing?
Dave: No. But relative to anime fans...

40:43 Dave now has an arch nemesis

Joel: Christina Auten will soon be getting mainstream press attention because a crazed fan is going to murder her husband.
Dave: If she doesn't like her husband that much, her skyrocketing career will be just one of two things she has to thank me for!
Joel: What's the other thing?
Dave: My tremendous wang.
Joel: I have to go.

45:24 Hypocrisy?

Joel: Dave and I can't be hypocritical because in order to be hypocritical we would need to be wrong.
Dave: I was wrong once, but it was only about me not always being right.


Sub said...

Sup guys, found you via AWO. I really like the podcast. The issues you dudes had with Otakon are pretty much the same as my own; the unprofessionalism is just baffling. This year I had more fun the further away I stayed from organized events; Friday I had a great time doing nothing in particular, and I spent Saturday either getting turned away from basically everything I tried to go to (particularly the Hellsing stuff) or finding out it was cancelled, or somebody put in Godannar instead of Gaogaigar because they were two robot shows that started with G and the staffer couldn't tell the difference.

If you read their boards, Otakon's excuse for every issue raised is (and I'm paraphrasing here) "oh hey we're fan-run don't get on our case! besides we did great. god what are you complaining about?" So they pat themselves on the back for a job well-done and things stay the same. It's kind of ironic; the thing is still worth going to, but by no means is it worth going to for panels or events or anything.

Kyle said...

I found this episode's shownotes very humorous. Also, like the poster above I also found you via AWO.
Keep up the great work!

The Joel said...

Show notes should be there tonight. I broke the internet :(

HaloJonesFan said...

Joel: The spammer comments really don't have anything to do with you at all. They're just trying to post a link to their own website, so that there is "a site" that "links" to them.

See, the secret of Google is that it looks at the source of every page out there and pulls out the hyperlinks. The more hyperlinks that point to a specific page, the higher that page ranks in Google, and the earlier it gets returned when a search term hits something on that page. So if I'm selling magic beans that TOTALLY give you a monster 14-inch horse cock, a good way to "advertise" is to go around to blog comment forums and post messages with links to Then Google sees all those links and says "oh, wow, this must be a really important site! Any time someone does a search for cock, monster, horse, inch, or 14, I'll put '' right up in the top of the search results!"

Joseph Brudlos said...

800 posters?!?

Eight Hundred posters?!

Dave Riley said...

Better to err on the side of caution...

Figuring it'd be better to have too many than too little, we just took 'em all to the convention, or the hotel at least. We weren't so self-assured as to lug 800 posters to the convention center every day.

If you're concerned about the amount PRINTED, however, it was for purely economic reasons. 1000 posters was barely an increase in price over 500, and actually costed LESS than printing 100 posters. So there you go.

Halo: I really had no idea how that works, but it sure makes a lot more sense now. Shall Joel and I start out own guerilla marketing campaign over the interbox?

Most likely no, though it does give me increased resolve in deleting spammers if it actually DOES help her.