Thursday, August 24, 2006

Show #46: Mazintainment!!

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0:49 Big Apple Anime Fest

Joel: Alas, the only other Con we thought about maybe planning on possibly going to is defunct.
Dave: Don't worry, Ninja Consultants mailed us about a whole bunch of stuff I've been way too lazy to get back to them about!!

1:46 Nambul: War Stories

Joel: The only good thing that was at the CPM panel in 2004.
Dave: Justin Sevakis, we hardly knew ye.

2:29 Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation

Joel: This game looks to have a similar appeal to Namco X Capcom with the important caveat that this series has proven worthwhile.
Dave: Mostly because Shin Getter Robo makes ANY series worthwhile.

Super Robot Taisen OG

Joel: Looks good to me.

4:09 Final Fantasy III redux.

Joel: Man, that turtle looks awesome.

4:57 Mazinkaiser

Joel: These things don't really work like serial numbers.


Joel: Great, I just ruined another chair.
Dave: Great, I just found my FUTURE WIFE.
Joel: Who?
Dave: Great Mazinger.
Joel: O... h...

6:54 And there goes another chair.

Joel: I need some sort of amish sweat shop churning out chairs in my basement. There are way too many songs that pump me up. Also, this comparison is suprisingly accurate. I say suprisingly because when Dave said this I didn't actually believe him.

8:14 Getter Robo is to Tomahawk as Mazinkaiser is to:

b)Shining Finger

9:55 Matrix: Reloaded

Joel: I tried desperately to like this movie. It didn't really work out.
Dave: Trying to like anything after the first Matrix is about as futile as life gets.

11:32 Karaoke Ninja definitely got his ninja speed badage.

Joel: Karaoke Ninja, a venerable member of the Frontbeat forum, already corrected us. Mazin is apparently some kind of demon in Japan. It is also an arabic name meaning "rain cloud."
Dave: So we can assume that "Mazinkaiser" means 'rain cloud king'?
Joel: Yes.
Dave: Honestly I just figured it was Go Nagai being all crazy and making up words again.
Joel: Oh Go Nagai, you cad!

12:35 G..... .... released by G.....

Joel: I'm not really suprised this didn't do well. The male characters actually look like men and they never come close to kissing.
Dave: It's hard not to imprint your desires on fandom as a whole... but this really sucks guys!! Stop avoiding anime because it doesn't reuse the same damn "LOL U R SHORT!!" joke every episode!
Joel: I would much rather have an anime that reused the same damn "lol, I just ripped your arm off with a coffee grinder" joke every episode.
Dave: Agreed.

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15:13 Boss Borot

Joel: My robot falls apart ... that's about it.
Dave: Falls apart TO HILARIOUS EFFECT.

16:37Baron Ashura and Dr. Hell

Joel: This is your evil mastermind team? A geriatric and a hermaphrodite?
Dave: A geriatric in a UNITARD!


18:39 The weakest Voltron Cat?

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Joel: According to Dave, this is the one. I contend they're all the same.
Dave: Joel, everyone knows girls can't drive. This is DOUBLY true for giant robots.


Dave: That picture makes me sorta hot...
Joel: You make me sorta sad.
Dave: Sad you didn't say it first?
Joel: Sad to be in the same room with you.
Dave: Oh... :(

20:25 Wicked City and Apocalypse Zero

Joel: Breasts.... and vaginas are trying to kill you. Be aware.
Dave: Be aware of how SEXY that is!!

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22:14 Dutch Angle

Joel: I wish everything in my life was shot from these angles. Imagine slamming quarters on a counter at 7-11. Now do it with Mazinkaiser camera angles. Pretty sweet, huh?

28:24 Ultimate Mechanical Monster Oblivion Engine .... Doug.

Joel: This is the lamest name ever. I would have accepted Xavier or Alexander. But Gordon is a bust.
Dave: I would've accepted only "Awesome" or "Pizza Party".

30:22 TechRomancer

Joel: This game is good. Really good. Lots of different endings and pretty entertaining but easy to understand game play. Highly recommended.
Dave: Highly recommended that you dig it out of a landfill where all Dreamcast games/paraphenalia went since NOBODY BOUGHT THE DAMN SYSTEM.
Joel: You people killed Sega.


TheLastOtaku said...

Oh man, that SRT: OG video almost made me piss myself with excitement. I know it will probly never come out here so i will probly have to buy a jap ps2 just to play it, but its worth it...right?

Dave Riley said...

Fear not! Via the simple means of modification you would be able to import it for a nominal fee (~$80, all things considered).

But if you buy 50 copies of the SRW GBA games, you'd be taking a step in the right direction towards licensing!!