Saturday, August 26, 2006

Show #47: Girls On Film

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Dave sez: This week, we talk about Speed Grapher. Next week, Joel and I will get mic stands. Also next week: my Indian neighbors will (hopefully) not blast Bollywood during our podcast.

Shownotes to come!


Gooberzilla said...

There you go runnin' down Highlander 2 again.

I'm totally going to have to review Highlander 2 on my podcast now. With my Mom. It'll be a Mom-cast.

Will your consciences allow you to sleep at night knowing that your hubris will result in an unsuspecting matron watching Highlander 2!?!

Michael En said...

Whenever I hear about Speed Grapher, I can't help but make a parallel to Kazuo Koike slightly. Except of course, not nearly as amazing. I have an urge to pick up the first DVD now, just to see how ridiculous the show is.