Saturday, September 02, 2006

Show #48: We're Smart Too, Guys!

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Dave sez: This week it's LUPIN ZA THIIIIIIIIIRD! We'll probably have shownotes up semi-promptly too!!


Winter said...

Belated as this is, I really enjoyed the Speed Grapher show. I was laughing throughout, and I thought it was pretty insightful.

Although I have to say your review more or less confirmed my worst fears about Speed Grapher. I wasn't really planning on seeing it in the first place, but I guess that's more of a reason to avoid it.

Winter said...

Ehhh, while I'm at it, I might as well say that your "improved" trailer for Desert Punk was one of the funniest things I'd heard in awhile at the time.

Matt from Queens said...

You guys are fucking geniuses. Daryl Surat needs to pop off some clown pistols and drive his listenership over this-a-ways. Way to represent those of us that like anime in theory but hate 90% of the product out there and the Philadelphia area. Word to all of our moms, yo.

Dave Riley said...

winter: glad you're listening! And thanks for the compliments on the Desert Punk trailer, though I wish the audio quality on it wasn't QUITE so atrocious. Maybe I'll go all George Lucas and release a digitally remastered one at some point.

matt: We appreciate your comments, but your moniker is suitably confusing. Is matt from Queens actually from Philly? If so, has he experienced cold lasagna on an Amoroso roll? Joel considers it to be the "bomb diggity", as some might say.

As for Speed Grapher. Intelligent people should watch Speed Grapher to laugh at it, and to understand the terrors of this world. What good is good if it... turns a blind eye to evil, but... the blind eye is actually a camera gun that blows up people... or something.


Matt from Queens said...

Originally from a Jersey suburb 10 minutes from Philadelphia, transplanted to New York first for education and now employment. It took four years to adjust to a citywide lack of Wawas and hearing hipster schmucks crave a "submarine sandwich" versus a hoagie. Bastards.

No to cold lasagna on an Amoroso roll, but I'm open to the possibility.

Gooberzilla said...


I just think you should know that I actually finished watching Desert Punk in its entirety the other day, and I now hate the entirety of humanity in general and Gonzo in particular with a passion that burns hotter than a thousand suns. I loathe Desert Punk so much, and it causes me physical agony to realize that I actually paid real money for it. And I can't even justify selling these DVDs on eBay, either, because it would be wrong of me to inflict that kind of suffering on my fellow man.

And to think that Gonzo was responsible for Last Exile, which was soooooo much fun.

Gerald said...

Waaaiiittt, you actually thought that Gonzo could product a consistently good show?!?!?! (OK, I'm going at this feeling that Last Exile was just mediocre and nothing more (which makes it one of their better shows)).

I'm actually going to go out on a limb and say that the first episode or two of Desert Punk actually entertained me and the episode with "Kazuo Koike" did have me laughing. However, However that was only the first two or so episodes because everything after that was total crap, which is the general tendency with GONZO.

However, Speed Grapher is a totally different beast in my opinion. Speed Grapher is a show that manages to be so unbelievably bad, so insane, and so stupid, so consistently that it's just pure fucked up dumb entertainment. I mean, you guys were joking about it, but I'm not kidding when I say that later on in the show he straps on a wide angle lens and starts blowing away forests with his camera (THAT'S FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT). If only all Gonzo stuff could be this trashy and entertaining since it's obviously impossible to actually be "good".

Mazinkaiser - damn, that show is so awesome. I was buying the whole show as it was being released and never regretted it. Now I watched some of Getter Robo Armageddon and some of the original Getter Robo (I haven't seen the newer show) and Armageddon was a bit too crazy for me. Now I'm not asking for any sort of deep story (or even much of a story at all) with Go Nagai, but Armageddon just didn't seem to have any logic of moving from one event to the next. Mazinkaiser has the decency to have a modicum of logic when moving from one event to the next (although that first episode was pretty crazy).

Now I think you guys need to watch Voltes V as that has a moment in which a women tries to save her family from a pack of wolves by unloading a bunch of gunpowder and blowing herself up. Although that's not even scratching the surface (or even addressing the fact that it's a giant robot show after all).

Dave Riley said...

Though the wide angle lens gag was so obvious that it'd be hard to believe they DIDN'T include it, I'm still a little in awe. I wonder what happens if he loosens up on the aperture...

But I tend to agree. Speedgrapher is SO BAD that it was a hoot to watch. I mean, it had the same amount of weird/akward parts as any other Gonzo show, but we had a fair bit of a crowd there and it turned into quite the experience. One of my roommates, who doesn't watch a lot of anime, wanted me to get more so we could lambast it. I informed him that I got the first DVD for free and didn't have a lot of interest in dropping cold hard cash on additional volumes. Though if they ever release a brick of it (not that Funimation is very wont to do that) I'd definitely pick it up.

As for Voltes V, I happen to live with the original super fan of that show (actually, I live with two. All Filipinos are genetically engineered at birth to love spam, corned beef, and Voltes V) so I've got a fair background in it without having watched very many of the episodes. I'd like to see it, and we have all the episodes available, but I feel like I should watch Combattler V first just for continuity's sake (even though none really exists) and fansubs are all like "anathema" to me, or something. I usually don't watch them unless there's Airmaster involved. I'm still only 30% of the way through monster.

But some day!!