Saturday, September 16, 2006

Show #50: But Seriously, You Still Gotta Die

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Dave sez: Gunslinger Girl: nothing to do with Clint Eastwood.

00:44 Enjoy Runaaway Train while this travesty begins

Joel: Dave violates Ben's deepest desires as we waste 1:45.

2:13 Goki, Kiss my converse.

Joel: That's right, its a mixed reference. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 was awesome.
Dave: Space Dinosauuuuuuuuuurs.


3:06 Gokiburi, we can't stay mad at you.

4:53 Phillip Glass

Joel: Phillip Glass and minimalism were interesting for about three minutes my sophmore year of college.
Dave: But that one episode of South Park he was on (in spirit) will live on forever!

6:38 Sitacon

Joel: Could this be Dave and Joel's chance to break out and be famous? Probably not. But we are still pumped like the dickens.
Dave: The dickens!!

8:24 Gunslinger Girls

Joel: Definitive proof that humanity is doomed. Geopolitics, enviornmental damage and myriad personal cruelties all pale in significance to this show.
Dave: Not too coincedentally, like a corrupt microcosm, the show also cotains many of these things.

9:45 Facebook

Joel: Is the like the new Myspace? Or is it the old Myspace? Whatever, I hate social networking sites. Especially The community there is so fake.
Dave: I hope it's just spambots... :(

11:19 Phillip K. Dick's The Hanging Stranger

Joel: Man, Phillip K. Dick was a cynical dude. A cynical, drug addled dude.
Dave: And he wrote some DAMN good Sci-Fi!

15:35 They Live

Joel: Seriously, the aliens show up midwway through. My bad about the other thing.
Dave: Ooops...

17:40 Unforgiven

Joel: "Should have thought of that before he decorated his bar with my friend." Tough.
Dave: Collecting teddy bears and having your period is tough too!!

18:00 Onomatopoeia

Joel: Bang, boom, splash, meow, pkow. None of which aliterate.
Dave: Oomph!
Joel: That doesn't aliterate either.

18:21 Sergio Leoni
Joel: If you listen in the backround, you'll here Dave say he doesn't think he's dead. Even if he was before, now that we've compared him to Gunslinger Girl's, his corpse is trying to beat the black helicopters to our door.
Dave: I was WAY off on that, by the way. He died like twenty years ago. Oops.

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22:23 Looks can be deceiving. They're all the same.

28:49 Paranoia Agent

Joel: Dave has a boner ready for this show's creators.
Dave: Well, really just one of them...

30:24 DearS rearS itS ugly head(S).

Joel: Iron Monkey lied to me. Treating poison with poison doesn't work. Now both of these shows are swimming around in my head destroying my mind.
Dave: You have only yourself to blame. I share with you no sympathy.


Derek said...

Hey guys, I found your podcast from the Ninja Consultants and went back to listen to a lot of your old episodes (thanks for putting the Black Heaven horrible dub, that was great to hear again).

Anyway, I enjoyed your rants on Gunslinger Girl because while I was watching it I just thought my attention span was bad and that I wasn't being patient enough with it. The thing that was kind of confusing me was that the animation was really great, but I was falling asleep and was never as affected as I think the creators would've hoped. I forget at what episode I gave up, but until I listened to your show I had an inkling of regret at having never finished it.

That said, girls with guns are still cool, just not in this show.

Mozesh said...

Crap I fell asleep again, I really should stop listening to podcasts at 3 AM in bed, with my eyes closed... well that's what people usually do when they go to sleep... Whatever will post something more useful sooner or later.

Gooberzilla said...

All I have to say in my defense, is that I ain't hatin' the playahs, I'm hatin' the game.

A conflict between space dinosaurs and electric jellyfish in low Earth orbit is indeed a great and wonderful thing...if that's what the entire story is supposed to be about. Sadly, Bubblegum Crisis is supposed to be about cute girls in stiletto-heeled powered armor putting the smack down on robots with knuckle-bombers and monofilament ribbons.

Thanks for the shout-out, btw.

MC Burnett said...

Of all the physical laws of logic anime and other ridiculous action films break, women performing anything beyond lightly jogging in stilleto heeled anything is the one that blows my mind the most. I'll buy that you can jump five stories into the air, but you better be wearing sneakers.

Dave Riley said...
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Dave Riley said...

Burnett, I will agree with your point when this image stops being SO TOTALLY EFFING HOT

Game. Set. SEXY!

(ignore recycle bin plzlol) :D :D :D

ken c said...

When you said you'd already done a podcast on Gunslinger Girls, I immediately took it as gospel that you had, and that I had listened to and enjoyed it.
From this I gather that I would probably be part of the 98% that get mind-controlled. :(
At least now I know I have listened to and enjoyed your podcast on Gunslinger Girls.

Winter said...

I never saw GSG the show, but the manga it's based on is also plenty boring. Nothing but a bunch of talking heads talking about...uh, stuff. Nothing particularly interesting or illuminating, just a bunch of "hyuk, these girls sure do love their handlers!" followed by "i beat children lol"

I remember when I reviewed the manga, and I noted some of the more obvious lecherous overtones. Then someone posted saying that the manga author had actually drawn porn doujin starring, well, guess.

If that's true, I think it explains a lot more than I could really say.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I went to Best Buy yesterday and in the anime section they had a free DVD with an episode each of Speed Grapher, Trinity Blood, Basilisk, and Desert Punk. It's like a Fast Karate DVD special. I thought about you guys as soon as I saw it. Now I can experience for myself the stuff you guys have been talking about lately.

Michael En said...

The way that Gunslinger Girl was made, was a sort of anti-moe show, sort of like Tsukihime. Where the japanese otaku all want to spank off to the girls, but know that in the back of their mind, they would kill them all, and it's all not that warm and fuzzy stuff that they believe it to be, sending a shiver down their spines.

And man, people need to stop hating on 2040! Just listen to the freaking opening for crying out loud! And besides, Priss and Nene's hardsuits are totally freaking awesome.