Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Show #51: Cyber Game Hard-On

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0:33 Megazone 23 III and 3/4

Joel: Hard on ... that is all.
Dave: Well, not ALL, but most...

0:59 Rule of Rose

Joel: This game looked creepy, but apparently it was lame, most likely from polio. Within the time frame of the game, that is a contemporary reference.
Dave: I wish this game CAUGHT polio.

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3:12 Feel the rat!

6:44 Missing in Action

Joel: Chuck Norris hates Vietnam. Science fact.
Dave: Chuck Norris hates people that hate FREEDOM.

8:37 Samurai Champloo

Joel: If the premise is good enough, I'll like even its most lackluster implementations. Rapping samurai's is one such premise.
Dave: Beatboxing samurais are my personal kryptonite.

9:33 Earth Worm Jim and Secret of Mana

Joel: Well, there's Dave's and my childhood in their perspective nutshells.
Dave: Our lives feel sad now.

10:30 Megazone 23 I

Joel: City = space ship. Girl's = easy. The eighties anime formula was followed perfectly.
Dave: Joel forgets one more. Hair = big.
Joel: Also green.

14:10 Mr Game and Watch

Joel: This character, well loved in my childhood, was resurrected by Smash Brothers Melee, and paid homage to by the animators of Mega Zone.
Dave: It's really postmodern, if you think about it.

16:11 Strokes: A Dangerous side affect of anime production.

Joel: We normally talk about how anime affects its viewers, but its detrimental impact on its creators should not be ignored.
Dave: Use your head, guys!

16:58 Shinji Aramaki

Joel: This blog is practically a Shinji Aramaki fan site.
Dave: He's my online pretend girlfriend.

18:01 Back to the Future II

Joel: I wish the Doc would have shown up and used his now trash powered Delorian to go back in time and stop Megazone 23 III from being created ... if we had time after killing the parents of the creators of DearS, Desert Punk and Elfen Leid and investing in Microsoft.
Dave: I want to invest in potato futures.
Joel: I'm not going to let you do that.

23:06 Chekhov's Gun

Joel: There is nothing discrete about how Megazone 23 III does anything.

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24:17 Zerg Rush!

24:34 Hard ON

Joel: This show could only be made more interesting by references to a turgid penis. And yes, that is the gayest thing I've ever said.
Dave: Turgid penis? Joel secretly writes pirate-based female-demographic romance novels under the pen name "Enola Gaye"

26:13 The Last Star Fighter

Joel: Dave skipped right past this reference. Goki, do a podcast about it.
Dave: Goki, do a podcast about why I'm awesome and Joel smells.

27:32 Samurai 7

Joel: IFC tried to capitalize on the anime craze by broadcasting this show. Akira Kurosawa it ain't, but its definitely a passable show.
Dave: You want to know what IFC is showing next? GUNSLINGER GIRL.

28:36 Space Harrier

Joel: Space Harrier: good by itself, great when its a mini game.
Dave: Excuse me, have you seen any sailors?


Ken C said...

Great show. I'm still cracking up at the unfortunate fate of the Megazone production staff...Oh Tanaka, when will you learn?

On a side-note, the Lord of the Rings actually contains relatively few mentions of a group of school children creating their own oppressive society after crashing on a desert island.

Dave Riley said...

Yeah, as we say in the business, "my bad". Obviously I was refering to Lord of the FLIES.

I assumed Joel would catch it in shownotes, but he probably quivered before my GIGANTIC BRAIN and was too afraid to contradict me.

From now on Frodo et al were in a plane crash and now must form their own soceity.

Gooberzilla said...

Also, they did mention the defense systems on the moon in Megazone 23, pt 1. I remember it was a big problem (that they only mentioned in passing) that if the space-ship computer and the moon-base computer interfaced and decided that the humans weren't ready to return to Earth, the moon-base would blow them all straight to Hell.

But yeah, they dedicated only two or three lines of dialogue to it, so I can see how easy it would be to omit, overlook, or forget that.

Also, once again, no discussion of Megazone 23 can be complete without at least one use of the phrase: "Umetsu doggy style."

The Last Starfighter is on The List. However, Julian and Eddie have first-dibs on co-hosting that episode, and they live in Miami with no method of telecommuting as yet, so it could be a while before we see that particular Greatest Movie EVER.

Joel said...

I'm shocked that I did not catch that. I assume I misunderstood what Dave actually said because the comparison was so obvious. Oh well, now the internet can mock us forever.

Daryl Surat said...

I do not drink milk on any regular basis, and indeed the grossest thing ever is the idea of someone drinking milk straight-up. Pouring milk into a glass and drinking that? GROSS. Milk is meant solely for use with cereal or for making chocolate milk--NO STRAWBERRY--out of. Also, Rich Chocolate Ovaltine only, none of that Malt schmalt. Quik, Swiss Miss, and the like are simply out of the question.

Also, the only milk I ever buy is whole milk because that one episode of Married With Children taught me that skim milk is made by taking empty milk containers, filling them with water, then shaking the jug. Sure, doctors say that there's no valid reason for anyone aside from like, two year olds to be drinking whole milk, but one time someone told me to buy 1% milk and it tasted exactly the same in the cereal as real milk, albeit with fewer calories. Don't you see? You're getting cheated out of those calories!

I for one am angry and upset that the days I'm gone for AWA are the days that Right Stuf added Hajime no Ippo to their $5 sale, and a bunch of the discs got sold out before I was able to get to them. Why, if that were there, I could have gotten 25 discs for my $100 instead of a paltry 20!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing during the Hard-On segment...reminds me of Mike Toole's review of the movie.

Gooberzilla, I would love to hear a Last Starfighter podcast. Definitely one of my favorite movies of the 80's. :D


aaron said...

Wow, you made it to part 3 of Megazone 23? I picked this up in one of ADV's "fill-in-you-favorite-holiday-here" sales. I wanted to see what the hoopla was about since supposedly this inspired The Matrix. I only made it through the first part and never got around to watching more of it. With those Hard-On lines I'll endevour to watch the rest.

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys at Sitacon. Probably should have met at Otakon but our paths never crossed. Ah well....