Monday, October 09, 2006

Show #53: In Your House, Drinking Your Orange Juices

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Dave sez: This week we kick out some fo' real Master Keaton.


Gooberzilla said...

I must take this opportunity to mention that Road House is on The List, and Red Dawn may end up on The List at some point in the near future, because in addition to being Swayze-nated, it also starts C. Thomas Howell, and any 80s movie featuring C. Thomas Howell is automatically good.

Funny thing about Road House, my mom is convinced she's seen the entire movie, when in fact she fell asleep about half-way through and dreamed the rest. How ironic is it when your dream is actually less strange than what occurs in the end of a movie?

Yeah, Old Boy is good and creepy, but I saw the plot twist coming the very instant the main character walked into the sushi bar. It was just really obvious to me; this is a Korean movie based off a Japanese comic book, after all. You know they were going to go there.

Daryl Surat said...

At the risk of igniting something Oldboy-esque myself (note to self: purchase 3-disc set which includes the first volume of the manga), I would just like to say that Fast Karate for the Gentleman is the podcast I look forward to most of all and that I wish the episodes were longer. "Genius kung-fu space billionaire" is precisely the sort of prose stylings I'm incapable of devising on my own, and so to compensate I surround myself with people who are capable of such creative articulation.

To use another Way of the Gun reference.

Hearing this makes me feel even more guilty for the plodding boredom of a podcast I'm about to upload once I get home later tonight. It's almost entirely the audio to a panel we did at AWA on Sunday morning with no preparation in which I talk nonstop about podcasting in general, offering zero new information or insight in the process and being woefully ignorant.

I don't know how to rebound from this. Maybe I should attend Metrocon this weekend after all so I can, I don't know, guest star on a special edition of The Greatest Movie EVER! where Gooberzilla and I review The Marine or something.

That's if I make it to Metrocon. Perhaps we might all decide that it's a better idea to watch Macron-1, Belladonna of Sadness, and Big Money Hustlas...again.

Gooberzilla said...


Mom really is making cookies. No joke. I tempt you with the promise of delicious, Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip.

Plus, I'm dragging her butt along to Metrocon, too. She opened the flood-gates, now all that remains is to purify her in the deluge of convention otakudom.

It's like that scene in the movie Freaks. She is slowly becoming: "ONE OF US, ONE OF US!"

Dave Riley said...


I think it's intensely humorous that my ability to string words of nonsense together is to be considered a bragable skill. Indeed, if that is the case it is probably my ONLY bragable skill.

We're considering devoting a separate podcast to videogames and posting it sometime during the week. Clearly we need, quite desperately, to inflate our egos a little more.

Anonymous said...

If Daryl wants to guest star anywhere, it should be on Fast Karate! I know Daryl does a Dave impression-if Dave does a Daryl one you guys could do a whole show imitating each other. It could be the most mind blowing audio content ever created.

MC Burnett said...

I heard the supposed nuclear event in N. Korea this week was actually just Dave and Daryl high fiving. True story, swear to god.

HaloJonesFan said...


Where do you find that "Victory Lager" stuff? I've had that served but I've never seen it in the store.

Although there are two reason why I might not have seen it. One is that it's horrible crap and I have no interest in drinking it. The other is that the closest beer distributor is a damn tweeker who chased me out of his parking lot screaming that he'd call the cops and have my car towed. The issue was that there was six inches of snow on the road, and I couldn't get up the hill to my house. I wanted to park in his lot, hike up the hill, shower and change (after a six-hour flight home from San Francisco and then a ninety-minute drive in the snow) and then leave for work. He claimed that he "didn't allow parking", because you never know when fifty people are going to show up at eight-thirty AM in the middle of a blizzard to buy beer.

So anyway, from then on I always went to the six-pack place down the road.