Saturday, October 21, 2006

Show #55: OMG SPOILERz!

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This week we discuss anime "classic" Armitage III, a dub that regretably does NOT feature Kiefer Sutherland.

Don't worry guys, there's no "spoilerz."

On Wednesday we're going to try and move to a new format. Wednesday will be for videogames/extras while Saturday is for the anime public. Two podcasts a week!! ARE YOU MAD?!



Gooberzilla said...

Now it is Goober's turn to apply the nerd-slap.

Armitage III: Poly-matrix, the movie with Keifer's voice, was dubbed years after the original dub of the Armitage OAVs, which were one of Pioneer's first VHS releases back in the day. So the OAV dubbing - bad though it undoubtably is - came first, and the movie's cast is actually the "replacement cast".

largopredator said...

Holy crap two podcasts a week? More gamesrealted talk? SWEET!

Daryl Surat said...

The word "emo," when written several times repeatedly, looks like the word "moe." Written several times repeatedly.

The impeccable bleep sound effect over the spoiler talk--truly an inspired action of genius--can easily be corrupted by evil should it fall into overuse, but for now I think you're clear. Actually, Joel managed to sneak one would-be bleeped word through.

I also commend you on the fact that profanity was used and not bleeped.

Dave Riley said...

I, too, noticed the "moe" factor. I thought it'd be good for dual meaning stuffs.

As for beeping... I didn't notice Joel getting one through, but I definitely mistakenly left one of my own in that basically gives away everything we were trying to hide anyway. Whoops!

I thought leaving the profanity in would be funny, considering all the beeps that would be slung around.

All things considered, though, we prefer making a profanity-free or profanity-lite podcast. Profaning yourself is a slippery slope. Do it too much and you just sound like an ass.

Mozesh said...

Quite so, I thought it just said 'moe' until I listened to the podcast. Anywhoo when do you think you guys release the next one?

MC Burnett said...!!!