Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Show #58: Candy Corn Soda

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We meant to talk about scary games, but mostly we just bored you. Oh well! There's a real podcast on Saturday!

Sorry about the weird clicking in the background. I don't know what that is. Hopefully it's not too bad.

This podcast is about:


Candy Corn Soda

Forbidden Lovers

What Candy Corn Soda Does To Your Sink

What it does to Joel

Somebody help!


Winter said...

I've always heard the horror stories concerning those specialty flavors of Jones Soda, esp. the Thanksgiving ones. Never tried one out myself, though, mainly because those things are too expensive for throwaway novelties.

Those Monster cereals were all the rage when I was a kid, but it's true that Count Chocula and Frankenberry were the only two that really made an impact. Boo Berry the Ghost was very much a distant third-stringer, and Fruit Brute the Werewolf was retired when I was 3 or so. They tried to bring him back as Fruity Yummy Mummy a few years later, but that didn't work either.

Also, I think I hurt myself laughing at the discussion of Japanese horror films.

Derek said...

I never got to eat much sweet cereal when I was a kid, but Captain Crunch I remember giving me a stomach ache.

I liked your stories about playing the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. I've had very little experience with those games mostly because of the first time I WATCHED someone play Resident Evil I was totally freaked out from that shot with the zombie sitting in the chair and then turning around. Plus dogs going through the windows of course.

Best part had to be the live action cut scenes though. "No! Wait! Come baaaaaack!!!"

David said...

I rekindled my love of monster cereals recently - a grocery store nearby had a deal where if you bought ten boxes of cereal you would get a certain amount off your purchase or something. I don't recall the exact details, but Count Chocula and Boo Berry were included in the deal, and were the cheapest cereal, such that the total cost with the sale for ten boxes was negative 10 cents. I walked in with empty pockets and left with 20 boxes of Count Chocula and 20 cents. They closed the loophole soon after, but that was my breakfast for months after. Delicious.

I think i'm going to have to stop listening to your show at work, because i'm having a hard time containing my giggles during recent episodes. The bit last time about your brilliant turnabout strategy for mocking your wife's interests had me redfaced and snorting in my cubicle. Keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the structure be "All up in your (X), (Y)ing your (Z)"? Where X and Z are nouns and Y is an action? For example, "All up in your store dissapearing your customers" yeilds the following variable values:


It can't just be defined as "All up in your X DOING your Y" because DOING is not equal to DISSAPEARING.

MC Burnett said...

I hope to God there are still some special edition Candy Corn Sodas stocking the shelves of some store in New York. The idea fascinates me even more than last year's special edition "Snapple Pie" drink, of which, over the course of a few weeks, I drank nearly a bathtub worth.

My parents sheltered me so much as a child, I can remember the gnawing terror I felt when playing the original Castlevania for the NES at a friend's house. Just the fact that the levels were dark and you were fighting the undead was enough to make me want to call my mom to pick me up. In conclusion, I am an incredible wuss.

Dave Riley said...



But I think the joke is officially dead now. At least until we record another podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, anonymous, you lose. Disappearing is no longer an intransitive verb thanks to the dirty wars in central America.

Erwin Rosales said...

Guys, you forgot Alone in the dark.
The rest of the games made me remember my childhood as a gamer :P

HaloJonesFan said...

Look, the original catchphrase was "I'm in your base, killing your dudes" (or, to be exact: "im in ur base killin ur doodz") It came out of a Starcraft game and got quoted on SomethingAwful many, many times.

You're right that it's pretty much in the ground, though. Catchphrases are A: only funny when delivered by the original creator, and B: only funny the first few times.

HaloJonesFan said...

So now I've listened to the podcast.

SPERM?!!? (I laughed so hard at that, now I've got a headache.)

Cereal: Look for "Barbara's Puffins" and get the Peanut Butter kind. It's basically the nuggets from Cap'n Crunch, only they're the size of quarters.

"ameliorate". Nice vocab word.

I have "GFIM" written down here but I don't remember what the note means.

So in "Fatal Frame" would a motor-drive camera be like a chaingun?

Silent Hill is probably the first game that I didn't want to finish, not because it sucked but because it was so unpleasant. (I did finish, though, using GameFaqs to get the Good+ ending on my first playthrough. And then I put the disk in the freezer and NEVER PLAYED IT AGAIN.)

That's a good point about RE2 having those "not the first time" scares; I think it's because horror movies scare you by breaking the rules, rules like "monsters don't possess people and make all their blood explode out through their pores". In RE2 they establish rules like "this stuff is part of the background and it's safe to go near it". Only...not.