Saturday, November 04, 2006

Show #59: Drop the Stones, Dr. Jones!

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This time we talk about Kakurenbo (aka Hide and Seek).

If the audio goes wonky at the end "my bad", we'll get to the bottom of this!!

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Anonymous said...

Dudes, you can't use BR in a title tag. When I go to the FCftG webpage the top bar on my browser looks retarded. Just leave "an anime and videogaming podcast" by itself.

Gooberzilla said...

Don't be hatin', Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Kakurenbo is great, though sadly it's their only anime production thus far. But the guys who made it have been involved in other anime with their previous company, Studio 4C. Here's some more info:

- Psychic Connector

Dave Riley said...

The problem is, anonymous, that the header box and title tag for blogspot are one and the same. To change it, I'd have to change the template on which the site is based. A possibility, but a pain in the butt.

Dave Riley said...

Well that wasn't nearly as hard as I made it out to be.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Fascinating discussion on the skill required to write short stories as opposed to long ones. I'm not as enamored with short story writers as you guys. I think its easier to write a shorter story with fewer elements than juggling all the different literary devices open to someone writing a full length story. If anything, short story writers or directors are just good editors. I don't think they're more skilled.

The stinger was great. Please branch out and create a Joelcast.

The Joel said...

I thought I did say that, Macronis. If I didn't, I agree with you. I still like them both, motherfucking Flannery O'Connor in the house.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, but then you softened your stance a bit to get it more in line with the Dave's opinion. I saw that as a weakening of your original position and because of your slight wishy washiness I decided not to expressly say I agreed with you.

P.S. Short story writers are total hacks.

P.P.S. Flannery O'Connor can gargle my nuts.