Thursday, November 09, 2006

Show #61: The Count of Monte Crisco

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This time we talk about The Count of Monte Cristo, aka Gankutsuo.

Joel doesn't like me using that "Crisco" joke.

This podcast is about:



Kid n' Play

Tea Leoni (yes)


Anonymous said...

yo, you posted the last podcast about MGS INSTEAD of the new one on monte cristo. could you please repost the right one. thank you.

Mark Hahn from Anime Scope

Dave Riley said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Keep the good times coming

Mark Hahn from Anime Scope

Evil King Macrocranios said...

If I had a death note there would be only three names in it: NA RU TO

Gooberzilla said...

Yes, but then what delicious condiments would we place in our bowls of ramen noodles?

Oh, you meant the show... (^_^)

Winter said...

I was disappointed in Gankutsuou the moment I figured out it wasn't going to be about a strange blue elf who wins friends and influences people through his ability to make phenomenal Monte Cristo sandwiches.

I was all expecting him to whip out the ham, turkey, and Swiss, dip them all in egg batter and slap those suckers on a grill, with FLAIR!

But it's just a bunch of rich people talking to each other. Boo.

Erwin Rosales said...

I do not know.
I preffer the book over this anime but i preffer this anime over the latest movie :X
So if you have a book report and you are lazy do not watch the movie, watch the anime. Then read a quick review of the book on the internet and forget about vampires and outerspace. And maybe you will get a C- .
Anyhow to tell you guys the thruth. I would have being a little angry if someone would have send me away for like 16 to 18 years and then basically marry my girlfriend and have a kid with her (I always forget if that kid if from the count of his best friend).

MC Burnett said...

I think a space set anime based on Ethan Frome is a concept that would really have some legs.

Spankminister said...

Along the lines of the literature/geek fetish fusion thing you mentioned, I've heard it improves any book to add "And then the cyborgs came." as the last line. For instance:

"And then they realized, they were no longer little girls: they were little women.

And then the cyborgs came."

The Joel said...

Ethan Frome is an asteroid farmer who raises space mangos, which grow underground on asteroids. His asteroid is extremely cold. The tree is another asteroid.

Dave Riley said...

Stop talking about this dork shit.

This podcast is about TEA LEONI.


HaloJonesFan said...

Tea Leoni.

And then the CYBORGS came.

Daryl Surat said...

I'm actually in the process of watching through this series myself for an upcoming review, but mine won't be for a while because I always insist on watching the entire show before doing the review. "Dave and Joel read through the entire novel, and unlike Daryl they remember it"? PFFT. Clearly my having watched the entire cartoon and maybe refreshing my memory by having skimmed the Cliff's Notes or Wikipedia--possibly checking out that Guy Pearce movie--can outweigh THAT.

I think the main reason you guys didn't dig it was more of a distaste for the fundamental premise of the show: the fact that it's not told from the Count's perspective AND it starts off in medias res unlike the novel. Thus, everything that happened prior to that point--who the Count really is, how he was betrayed and by whom, hell, that he was betrayed by someone in the first place--is presented in the series as unknowns. The result is that a lot of the series is all about the characters figuring out mysteries that aren't really mysteries at all to anyone familiar with the source material. I think that's probably a big reason why you guys said "nothing happens"/"they just stand around talking about nothing important all the time": it's all a big dramatic irony from your side of things. You already know who Albert really is (I'm halfway through the series and they haven't yet revealed the very first thing about Albert that Joel said; good thing I already knew that or else I'd be MIFFED, you hear me?!), you already know about Edmond Dantes, and so on and so on.

For what it's worth, it is not the Count who is doing the opening French narrations at the beginning of each episode, since the narrator always refers to the Count as "my friend." Based on just the first episode, I would deduce that it's actually Ali doing the narrating, since he's presumably mute during the series.

Of course, I didn't actually say whether or not I dislike the show as well for the reasons stated above as well as in your review. Bide your time, and hold out hope.