Saturday, November 18, 2006

Show #62: What is the Gestation Period of a Ninja?

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WARNING: This podcast is chock full of meandering, and there are many parts that are very boring. Add to the fact that I edited it in about 20 minutes so I could put it up the same day, and some may not be pleased with the results. Listen at your own risk. If it's any consolation, I do choke on Eel many times throughout the course of the show.

This time we talk about Soultaker.

Though I'm not sure if we actually talk about it...

This podcast is about:

Fake Sushi Grass


Pascal's Wager

"Oh Shit" robots

1 comment:

MC Burnett said...

Sociology not a science? Oh, not by New York University's standards. I took all sociology classes to fulfill my math/science requirement. While other suckers were stuck in labs changing the colors of liquids, I was writing a paper about my neighborhood and how the space is shared by the residents. If you're familiar with the West Village, you'll realize I had some weird residents to write about. I remember being delighted to devote entire paragraphs to the manner in which dildos (dildoes?) were displayed in store windows. SCIENCE!