Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Show #63: Selfaggrandizement

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Warning: This is a mostly Joel free show where I let you listen to my tastes in anime music. It is very long, but I figured those of you making long drives over Thanksgiving would like something to listen to in the interim. Hopefully the volume doesn't jump around too much.

I hope you like it (you won't)! If that's not the case, take heart! Saturday we return to the normal format with the dreaded Koi Kaze.
EDIT: Also, Joel and I recently did a podcast with Paul Chapman (aka Gokiburi Chachacha, aka The Almighty Gooberzilla) AND Daryl Surat (aka, biggest jerk on the interwubs) about Arnold Schwartzennger's oft forgotten classic: Commando.
Hopefully that will assuage your grief after listening to me for 80 minutes.
I nearly forgot. Thanks to Mozesh for reminding me.
The recipe:
6 large size yams
8 cups unsalted chicken stock
2 tbsp butter, melted
1 clove garlic, minced
1 bunch collard greens (or kale)
1 onion2 cups Arborio or Carnaroli rice
4 ounces mozzarella
1 ounce aged Asiago cheese
Freshly ground pepper
Lots of crazy people have thoughts that you can magically put Yams in the oven and bake them soft. I would suggest that you either cook them in the microwave or boil them on the stove. When they're nice and done put 'em all in the blender and slowly add chicken stock until you've got a nice, creamy consistency. Transfer the puree to a small saucepan and heat it slowly. When it is hot, whisk in the butter and set aside. Keep warm.

In a medium saute pan do what you do when you sautee (garlic and oil!) and start lumping in your colalrd greens, which you should have rinsed and tore up. Cook until they're so green that you feel your eyes might be removed from your sockets merely by looking at them. Keep warm.
In a saucepan, heat the remaining stock until it is steaming but not boiling. Keep hot.
In another saucepan, heat heat yet more oil. Add your onion (well chopped!) and cook until they're nice and ready. Add the rice, stirring vigorously (avoid burning!) , and cook until it begins to turn a milky white, about 5 minutes. Now start slowly adding your stock to the mixture, a cup at a time, waiting until it's all absorbed by the rice until you add more. In 15 minutes or so your rice will be soft as a baby's bottom. This is all you need.
Next add the yam puree, stirring until it has coated all of the rice. Add the collard greens and the mozzarella. Stir until the cheese has melted. Divide the risotto among individual bowls or plates, and top each one with grated Asiago and a little freshly ground pepper. Serve immediately, because if you don't then it's just not risotto!

The finished product

This podcast is about:

Priscila S. Asagiri (my cartoon crush)


Erwin Rosales said...

Episode 62 was terribel for you but for me it was enlighting. Because I know that i will never eat wasabi the way you guys do it.

Well, I am on my way to listen to this now :D

And for saturday I will have my G.R. dvds n hand after Koi Kaze :X

Anonymous said...

I was happy to hear some of my favorite songs after my computer fried along with my harddrive in it. this was a real refresher and a great mix if you ask me. I am also sending you some info in an e-mail about mabye doing a promo for my new p-cast launching thanksgiving day.

Dave Riley said...

Episode 62 was terribel for you but for me it was enlighting. Because I know that i will never eat wasabi the way you guys do it.

Actually, it's just me that does that. Joel is much more reserved.

I like to use something like five parts wasabi to one part soy sauce, so it's like a thick paste that you can really rub the sushi around it. It is delicious, but super painful.

We all make sacrifices for what we love.

Mozesh said...

This actually was an interesting podcast, though not the most amusing. I can't say I'm fan of these songs, though some of them were pretty rockin'. Will listen to the Commando podcast real soon.

Also, where is the JAM RECIPE!?

Dave Riley said...

YAM recipe.

It's up, my bad.

Mozesh said...

Jam recipe...? My bad there. Who knows maybe Largo and I will try it out when we team up coming weekend.

Also I've just put the Commando podcast on my mp3 player, what I heard so far was pretty cool. BUT, correct if I'm wrong, does Paul record the entire thing with a skype recorder or something? When I listened to it and I heard: I'm Dave... I was like what? The sound quality differs a lot from Paul's to Fast Karate's and Daryl's. Largo and I record our tracks seperately and then I combine the two later (keeping quality), and saying 1,2,3,4,5 in sequence to allign the tracks in Audacity.

Gooberzilla said...


To answer your question:

First I recorded everything through Skype with a program called HotRecorder. This recorded all of my audio on one track, and Dave, Daryl, and Joel on another. Then I converted it all to a WAV file. Then I did the first edit of this WAV file in Podcast Station. Then I exported it as another WAV file, which I imported into n-Track Studio. I then split the two tracks using n-Track Studio, converted it back to another WAV file and dumped into Podcast Station again for the final edit. My microphone volume was lower than it should have been the entire time. I tried to correct this in post, with mixed results.

Erwin Rosales said...

Wow, I just finished listeing to podcast # 63.
Awesome songs dude. I really woulnd,'t mind a poscast rating the greatest anime songs or soundtracks.

Awesome show and Happy Thanksgiving

The Last Otaku said...

Is there a track list hidden in the shownotes somewhere, because from what I can see I dont see one. If anyone can list it then that would be greatly appreciated.

theknoxinator said...

This episode was a weird change from the usual format, but it's understandable, and I must say it was nice to listen to. I actually knew half the songs without listening to the brief explanations Dave gave before each one.

And just FYI, Lithium Flower was not sung by Steve Conte (though I wish it was), but actually Scott Matthew, who did most of the male tracks for GITS:SAC, while Steve Conte does most of them for the other shows Yoko Kanno did. I don't really like Scott's voice much, so I don't like too many of his songs, but of his songs, I'd say my favorite was Beauty is Within Us (from the first OST, the same as Lithium Flower), mostly for the lyrics.