Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So here's the deal:

Joel... isn't around. So we didn't get a podcast for tonight. So I recorded one for myself. And then... stuff happened.

I was working in Sound Forge (8.0) when I performed a "save as" and, for some reason, the program erased basically all the audio in the file. I guess because I did a "save as" I can't undo anything

I was working in a stereo file that only had audio on one track, but I'd pasted in a couple things that had audio on both channels. When I did the "save as" everything that only had audio on the one channel outright disappeared, but the stuff on both channels stayed.

Because I'm stupid, I only have one copy of this file. Is there any way to recover it?

If there isn't... sorry guys, no podcast. I can't bear to record/edit it again.


Spankminister said...

I have no experience with the software, but check its temp directories? It probably either creates intermediate files in some obscure directory as backups (they could be hidden files as well, so be on the lookout for those). You can do a windows search for files created or modified during the range of time that you were using the program. Just be sure you select a search path that's wide enough to cover anywhere it may have hid it.

Dave Riley said...

Unfortunately, because I saved the file with the SAME file name I think I screwed the pooch on that, as I'm pretty sure the computer just erased all the old file name's information. There's nothing in the temp directory but the new stuff (which is worthless).

I might re-record it tonight, but I'm never going to replicate my "System Shock 2 is like an Italian girl that takes her shirt off" speech.

The Last Otaku said...

Is system shock 2 really that great? If it is I might just have to track it down because I hear from alot of people that it is awesome.

Gooberzilla said...


Your lassitude is unacceptable. As penance, you must record yourself doing the Richard III "Now is the winter of my discontent..." speech, and submit it to the Gooberzilla Shakespeare Challenge.