Saturday, December 02, 2006

Show #65: Bootylicious: Part II

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This time we talk about Ergo Proxy.

This podcast is about:

Cogito Ergo Sum

Gay Robots






theknoxinator said...


Erwin Rosales said...

That is one big booty.

MC Burnett said...

Drop down and get your eagle on, Major Kusanagi.

You guys totally saved that dude's life. You should get a Saturday morning cartoon show where you teach kids how to get pumped and be men. Also, Mr. T is in the cartoon with you.

HaloJonesFan said...

In fact, the first episode, Mister T fights Chuck Norris. But Chuck isn't really a bad guy, so they just fight to a standstill, and then go whomp ass on the real bad guy (because, you see, the lesson here is that you shouldn't always fight, since sometimes people get the wrong idea about things.) And then a few episodes later Dave and Joel and Mister T are in trouble, and Chuck Norris appears to save the day! And then he's on the show too.

Dave Riley said...

If there's a god in heaven, TV execs are going to start working on that show RIGHT NOW.

MC Burnett said...

I'm working up the pitch right now.

Was there a specific episode in which you chronicled the anime one needs to watch to maximize one's manly spirit? Or was Anonymous letter writer just referring to the overall running theme of Fast Karate?

HaloJonesFan said...

ERGO PROXY: It actually seems to be intended to defy anyone who wants to review only by the first four episodes, because EP pretty much completely switches direction every four episodes. OK so it's Blade wait it's Battle wait it's, um, I don't know what it is now...?

How can you go on and on about BOOTYLIcIOUS and yet not show us the actual licious booty?

Also: Congratulations, you guys invented the Parable Of The Cave.

HaloJonesFan said...