Sunday, December 03, 2006

Show #66: Poison

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This time we talk about Gears of War.

WARNING: The first seven minutes of this podcast is all about us drinking poison soda. It may not be funny, listen at your own risk.

This podcast is about:

Bottled Poison (available at your local Target!)

Next generation TVs

Chainsaw Guns

Ben Roethisberger


Daryl Surat said...

Currently the download link is not working, but I'm sure that'll be fixed momentarily. No, I'm writing this to inform you that I also decided partake of the poison soda this year.

The general consensus reached by a caucus of my peers: nothing from this year's vintage is nearly as bad as last year's Brussels Sprout flavor. Pictures of THAT experience are here:

We surmise that Brussels Sprout is absent from this year's offerings due to excessive reports of it inducing vomiting. Video footage of this year's slightly less poisonous soda excursion exists, but is currently all on Gerald's camera. The declassification of this material is at his mercy.

Gooberzilla said...

Listening to you guys drink poison soda so far has been the high-point of my week. (^_^)

MC Burnett said...

Hey Joel, you used the term "mollywop." My 17 year old brother introduced me to this term a few months ago and described it as basically slapping someone with a semi-erect penis. Is this how you meant it?

The Joel said...

Molly whopping, as far as I know, has nothing to do with hitting someone with a penis. I thought is was simply meant to convey slapping the mess out of someone. I could be wrong, though if what you say is true I think I won't use Molly Whopp nearly as often.

Winter said...

In general usage, "mollywhopping" is slang for "beating the daylight out of someone."

From what I understand, the "molly" part is from an old slang term for "milksop" (that is, a spoiled, pampered, cowardly person). That's where terms like "mollycoddle" comes from.

The Last Otaku said...

Gears of War is just pure awesomeness through and through. I like it just as much as I like eating steak and thats saying something.

MC Burnett said...

Man, I think my brother might be retarded. Or just obsessed with making everything slang for assualting another human being with your weiner.

Gerald said...

OK, I have video footage of Daryl, myself and several of our friends consuming these horrible Jones' sodas, and I can totally concur with the aftertaste of the Dinner Role one. That aftertaste is something else and positively horrible on every level. Daryl tried his very best to be as boring as possible when consuming these beverages before exiting into the bathroom and spontaneously combusting from the taste.

Also, Gears of War is excellent, although the Rob Leifeld style character designs are pretty ridiculous. I mean when you run, it's like you become some giant rolling ball that you can't control since just the movement of those guys is probably exercise on their systems enough. I also found out that two people can chainsaw the same person at the same time, resulting in a very satisfying pile of flesh. And you know what this means, we're going to have to do some death match style "AWO" vs. "Fast Karate" - Whoever Wins we Lose" deal.

Dave Riley said...

So it seems like EVERY OTHER PODCASTER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE has Gears of War and Xbox Live. I suppose I'll have to follow suit and sign up for a Gold account soon. I wouldn't want to leave my buddies in the lurch.

Jerry and I discovered dual chainsawing in the co-op campaign, we also discovered than an enemy can chainsaw you at the same time you chainsaw them.

:( <--- sad.

spankminister said...

The stinger should've been Joel saying "Watch as my undulations hypotize and enrage you"

Like the new simplified Splinter Cell, Gears of War isn't terribly complex at its core, but that's what makes it so great; it's not needlessly complex. You guys cover this pretty well in the podcast, which was great, by the way.