Sunday, December 10, 2006


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This time we talk about Ninja Resurrection.

This podcast is about:

Fighting with your hair

Fighting with your hair (part 2)

Christian Sorcery



spankminister said...

I remember when this was released on VHS and the people marketing it made every possible insinuation short of outright stating it that the show was the sequel to Ninja Scroll.

Of all the fictionalized incarnations of Jubei, this is probably one of the lamest. Amakusa did actually lead this rebellion, by the way, but I'm pretty sure it ended with a lot more slaughter, and less fingers up gooches. Even in the SNK classic Samurai Shodown series, Amakusa was at least a boss character, if incredibly effeminate and evil. In this show, he was instantly made into crazy Japanese Satan, and then died like a bitch.

I forgot about armored rocket ninja, but I do remember vividly the ninja who looked like Wolverine.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. "What the hell?" is exactly what I uttered after the first time I saw Ninja Resurrection.

I guess you're right...that really is all you can say about it.


The Last Otaku said...

Ninja Resurection sounds like such a crap show. Im not even very fond of Ninja Scroll, even though I like ninjas.

The Joel said...

The reason you might not like Ninja Scroll inspite of your love for ninjas is that Ninja Scroll doesn't really have ninjas. Rather, it has many ninja body parts falling from the top of the screen. I don't see how hiding a snake in your gooch makes you a ninja, although I am willing to believe that is an effective, if somewhat unorthodox, means of killing someone.

Gooberzilla said...

I think it's a mercy that the third Makai Tenshou aka "Ninja Resurrection" (a misleading name at best - Japanese Jesus was not a ninja) OAV was never made. Can you believe the same team that did Giant Robo churned out this poo?

Also, don't you @#$%ers ever read your e-mail? I have a burning urge to podcast about Streets of Fire, but I cannot proceed without at least the permission of Dave, for fear of physical violence to my beautiful man-face.

Daryl Surat said...

I'm let down that you failed to note that during the sex scene, not only was the Virgin Mary crying blood, but the building was on fire and collapsing around them. Truly, the Ninja Resurrection sex scene is the second most mindblowing sex scene in anime, assuming hentai doesn't count as real anime, which it does not. The number one spot is still held by Roots Search, which Carl Horn conclusively stated was the worst anime ever made this one time he was on on IRC like ten years ago.

Still, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who yearns for REAL ninjas. Knowing that Dave and Joel are kindred spirits on this matter makes me feel even more secure to have them in the next episode of AWO. I would have impersonated them myself, but much like Dave's impersonation of yours truly this episode, all the impersonations of people I do consists of just talking in a random arbitrary voice.

Dave Riley said...

Dammit Goki, us super-famous super-star podcasters don't have time to reply to plebian e-mails. I HAVE R-TYPE SHIPS TO UNLOCK.

Consider your smelly e-mail forthcoming. I'd meant to send you one anyway after Ultraviolet... but it is an e-mail you will SOON REGRET!

Daryl: I'm pretty sure what you had us say is going to get us arrested. So thanks... thanks for that.