Saturday, December 23, 2006

Show #71: Dueling Banjos

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This time we talk about Dangaioh.

This podcast is about:

Moon Pies

Bull Dykes


Keith Burgess


Anonymous said...

God Damnit Fast Karate!
You bastards made me choke on my bruschetta and cheese roll while ripping this show apart lmao.

Please review something good next show.

MC Burnett said...

No one in New York would ever make reference to a hoagie, because those savages call hoagies "subs." Idiots, the whole island. It's good to be home for the holidays and blocks away from a Wawa.

Gerald said...

Sorry guys, Dangaioh, in it's original, uncut, unedited, dubbed format is awesome, so I partially agree with you. The version you watched was total shit because Manga entertainment can't release anything that isn't total crap. I thought this was a good review of the dubbed version by someone who is a big lover of the original show.

Neomechazawa said...

I looked down at my task bar and found that my tracker "scrobbled" Your podcast leading me to a page on for fast karate