Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Show #72: Betamax Sucks

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This time we talk about 2006's Videogames.

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Anonymous said...

Guys only nubs fall prey to not waiting for patches to be released
before they play the game. I wait about a month before purchasing the game just to be cautious.

Maybe you should do a segment on EA.
Not only do they release the same sports games every year but they just released Battlefield 2142 which is basically BF2 in the future.
Nothing has changed surprisingly.

Good show.
Half-Life 2 episode 1 only seemed great to me because of the fact that I barely played half-Life 2. Otherwise I would of been just as pissed off as you guys.

Ps. Can you believe that the xbox 360 version of Call of duty3 got a better rating than the ps3 version.

Gooberzilla said...

Any podcast that involves the Great Lord Cthulhu is a podcast for me.

Gerald said...

Interesting that you should mention Okami. I'm playing through that now (yeah I know I was still playing through it when Dave came down to Florida), and it is horrifically long. But I think what it also comes down to is that, essentially, the game's story just isn't that interesting. And the dialog is incredibly tedious since the little bug guy has to talk for Ammy the entire time.

I couldn't get into Dead Rising which I guess means I have no taste. I guess the concept wasn't a problem for me, but more of the mechanics of the game. The saving system is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and I hope no game ever emulates it and that you have to basically restart the game when you die and all. Then again, zombies do absolutely nothing for me and no zombie movie has ever held my interest so that could have been a factor too. The people I know who are really into the game are big zombie movie fans already.

Dave Riley said...

I tend to agree witcha, Gerald, on both counts.

I liked the story of Okami most of the way through, what I didn't like was the EXECUTION. Like you said, it would've been a lot better if Issun wasn't blabbering in your ear for five minutes every time you got to a new area/beat a boss/broke a rock.

As for Dead Rising, yeah, it was pretty unforgiving. It hearkens back to those old days (like God Hand) where games wanted to punish you for playing them. I thought it was a pretty rewarding experience, but I was weaned from the teat by zombie movies. Games today have to be REALLY good to hook me if they don't have a convenient "continue" button after dying (see: Final Fantasy XII, blech). I guess Dead Rising was just good enough.

Battlefield 2142: I played BF2 and 1942 extremely sparingly, and when this game came out my computer broke the DAY before I got it. I fixed my computer yesterday, but now Jerry's going to the Fillipines tonight so I won't have anyone to play with. Will 2142 continue to linger on my shelf? Time will tell.

Spankminister said...

I could not help but notice you neglected to present the award for 2006 Game with Bumpiest Trot.

Dave Riley said...

Better known as: 2006 award for WORST GAME IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE

Greg Guffanti said...

Top 10 of the Fast Karate Best

10- The number of minutes I was bored becauseyou talked about gaming too much
9- The number of times "episodic content" was said, and the number of times I thought you were gay.
8- The number of games mentioned I never heard of before
7- The number of times a quip was made about grammar
6- The number of times "functionality" was used
5- The number of times I doubted that "functionality" was a real word
4- Number of synonyms for "menatlly unstable" used by Joel in sequence.
3- The number of weapons in Okami
2- The number of weapons in Okami that should not be weapons (rosaries ar for praying and mirrors are for doing hair)
1- Number of aproximate hours I wasted at work listening to this trite.

Dave Riley said...

I hate you, Ben.

The Joel said...

Its tripe. Your list is hilarious, Nelson Mandela.