Sunday, December 31, 2006

Show #73: Alright, He Just Stabbed Me in the Chin

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This time we talk about Samurai X.

This podcast is about:

Ecco the Dolphin

The Shinsengumi

Guns (they don't kill people)


Anonymous said...

OMG! this has been my favorite anime for orever. it was also the first one I ever watched! that's totally sweet that you guys are reviewing it ! just another reason why your podcast will always and has always been the best!

Anonymous said...

not to be a noob, but shintas real family wa killed before the series and the people he is travelling with in the first episode are slave traders who he belongs to. also, the people he works for are revolutionaries
trying to stop the corrupted new government they are trying to enforce. but all I needed to see was a dude getting pulle
off a roof amd cut from head to crotch in mid-air. you need to know no more.

Derek said...

Hey guys, I think it's a testament to your show that I still enjoy it when you're making fun of shows that I like. One thing that isn't explained very well in the OVA of Kenshin is that the reasons for the explosions in the fourth episode are to both temporarily blind and deafen Kenshin which makes it a little more possible for him to slash through Tomoe without seeing that it was going to happen. In that part of the manga they explain that during those scenes.

Spankminister said...

Yeah, ditto on what derek said... I prefer the TV show (or the half of it that doesn't blow), but I can totally understand why people wouldn't like it.

I like the OVAs for the exact same reasons you do, but I don't like the director as much because I think he fails to really tell the story as well as he could have. If I hadn't read the manga, I wouldn't have been able to figure a lot of it out.

The ninjas at the end were supposed to make him blind and deaf, like Derek said, and the cold had numbed his sense of touch. He realized he'd killed Tomoe by accident when he smelled her perfume, which I guess is what the flowers were supposed to represent. I think the OVA sometimes suffers from being too condensed and too cinematic, whereas an anime can have narration and verbose bad guys without seeming weird.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believve it when i first saw Samurai X. My friend told at the time that it was the awesome version of Ruroni Kenshin. The OVA's were 100% different from the series. What the fuck was up with the creators when they decided to do this. Its like they got rid thier antidepressants in order make these morbid OVA's.

Anonymous said...

Well, that moodiness worked in this case, I think, because this is a pretty heavy story. Where it didn't work so well is in the second OVA...what with all the forced and artificial melodrama, it was just emo for the sake of emo.

Oh well, at least some of the fangirls can appreciate all that weepiness. Good for them.


Dave Riley said...

Actually, I do remember being told that Shinta/Kenshin's "family" were slave traders, much like how I'm being told it now. Curiously, in three or four viewings of this show I've never managed to pick up on it myself (or, at least never managed to REMEMBER it).

Kamon: I'm totally with you on the second OVA, which was like supersaturated with emo-ness. Okay, I get it, you guys have tuberculosis. It sucks. Big time.

One thing that's really tough to get a handle on with Kenshin is that (I GUESS) these three distinct shows (four, if you count the movie) are somehow derived from one contiguous manga? That's trippy, man. But since I assume that the manga involves mostly "people getting bonked on the head with frying pans" my curiosity hasn't been TOO piqued. Still, it's an interesting thing to think about

Spankminister said...

The manga has a narrative tone that matures and changes, but it's not the stark contrast of the first OVA vs. the show-- it's somewhere in between. The story the 2nd OVAs were based on in the manga was a gripping and emotional tale of revenge and redemption, and Kenshin finally exorcising his guilt... which would have been a great story to tell over 26 episodes of the show. But Kenshin had already been canceled in disgrace after airing 30+ episodes of filler, so instead we get 2 hours of sick emo kids and fangirl pandering.

I would say it's just a matter of preference, but if you liked Trigun, I don't see why you wouldn't like Kenshin. Watch episode 28, which is the start of the Kyoto arc, and a badass episode at that. That's a pretty fair litmus test for the rest of the arc-- if you don't like it, then Kenshin just has nothing to offer you. There's a sweet fight in it, though, so at least you won't go away hungry.

I guess I like Kenshin more than most because it was one of the first shows I really got into way back when, but now I promise to stop whining like a fanboy =)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I always thought that it was a wandering pimp and his whores taking care of little Kenshin.

Re. Ergo Proxy, it's all out on fansubs if you don't like waiting you know.

Spot said...

Hey guys, dig the podcast! Literally - I've been a longtime listener to Ninja Consultants and AWO and have heard your promos, but just recently started listening to your podcast because I saw it on digg. Now I'm hooked!

Just a couple of things:

First, Joel is right. You need a hard drive or memory card to connect to Xbox Live Silver, which is the free subscription. Second, for Dave, check out Chromehounds. It isn't that great as a single-player game, but the multiplayer rocks. Being that you guys are anime (and mecha?) fans, you should like it.

Third, for Joel, if your motherboard does not support IDE, you can always buy a external IDE hard drive enclosure for around $20. All you do is plug your HD in the enclosure and then connect it via USB as an external HD. You can get these at Newegg.

And lastly, I'm also a Philadelphia-ish resident. As I'm here from Chicago via NYC (yeah, long story) It's nice to know there are some others in the area who are interested in video games other than NHL or Madden.

Take care and looking forward to future podcasts!

Greg Guffanti said...

And then I asked myself, "Should you be listening to this anime show if you don't know what an OVA is?" And then dave said "I fell... In a bucket...and they rolled me dwn the hill-- they just found me." -Hilarious, I laughed out loud on the trolley and people looked at me as if they might halve me. It was so great, I don't care if you guys are obsessed with ova, AKA haploid female reproductive cells or gametes. They are part of the miracle of life, afterall, and apparently you can fit tiny body-halving ninjas inside them. Extra rad!

The Joel said...

Way ahead of you spot. I have an external hard drive enclosure that I use in just such a way. As for Chromehounds, we both have it. It was the second game I bought after Fifa World Cup.

We try really hard not to watch fan subs of licensed stuff. Someone paid for the right to distribute a product and I choose to respect that.

Dave Riley said...


Yeah, me and Joel are already 'with it', as we both have Chromehounds now. I've yet to play it online (nearly got all the S ranks, though) and I imagine in the near future we'll be trying to organize a squad so we can all play together. Or band wagon onto someone else's, whatever. Chromehounds is a big reason I wanted live. To date I've only played Gears of War online. Online co-op with Joel is fun, but playing with seven schlubs I don't know in a team match is terrible. I don't even bother plugging in the headset now. For every time I say "I'm going to flank left" someone has to say "I f--ed your sister last night, nigga!" five times. Ugh...

BEN: OVA stands for original video animation, sometimes called OAV. And yes, you are the FIRST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD that ever made that joke, congratulations. All the same, I'm glad you've laughed with us. Mission accomplished.

Most recent Anonymous: what Joel said. But as an addendum to that, there's something special about waiting for a show and experiencing it (sort of) like people watching it on TV. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and such. I know I probably wouldn't be as interested in Death Note if I didn't have to wait a week+ to see a new episode.

Joel: You suck, sorry dood. Also, learn how to use the rocket launcher.

I cannot WAIT to release the podcast this afternoon. The last six or so minutes nearly made me cry today at work. Obviously it's probably more funny to me than you... but still! Hilarity!

Mozesh said...

I can feel it Dave, you're late. Oh wait I need to take a piss, hold on...

Also, great podcast again.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely recommend giving the manga a try. If the goofy humor in Kenshin is what put you off, fear's reduced to a panel or two here and there.

Rurouni Kenshin was the first scanslated manga I ever read, back in 1999 (my thanks to Spamdini of Tales of the Swirly-Eyed Samurai), and even after all these years, it's still my favorite manga.