Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Show #76: The Railith Show

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Dave sez: So I guess since this time we decided to finally destroy Koi Kaze (with forum member Railtih's suggested method) and speak about videogames per forum member Railith's suggestion. Thus: The Railith show. Enjoy the video.

Dave also sez: I'm gonna be in Florida again (Tampa Bay) from Friday to Wednesday. As per the usual, people down there get in touch with me.

This time we talk about Mega Man.

This podcast is about:

Flaming Bombats (and Koi Kaze)

Top Man

Axl Rose

Cho Aniki


The Last Otaku said...

There was such beauty in that destruction of KK. Such a brilliant idea I wished I had thought of. Nice goin Fast Karate. And yes, please destroy Elfen Lied. SUUUUUKSSSS!

ReVerve said...

Hey didn't the xbox version of Ninja Gaiden kinda have roaches. Sure they were the size of his torso but they were still just bugs.

MC Burnett said...

Hey super dudes. Get that voicemail thing set up, I'll call it. No idea what I'll say, but it'll be words.