Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Show #78: The Esoteric Dodge

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This time we (generally) talk about The Wii.

This podcast is about:

Joel punching junk

Foie Gras

Sweaty Italians

Attention Whores



HaloJonesFan said...

I still maintain that Andy Reid is responsible for TO's downfall.

See, it's like this. Reid wrote up his strategy like this:

1) McNabb throws to TO
2) Eagles win

This worked fine until McNabb had all of his ribs broken in the first game of the season. Reid panicked, because his plan for victory had no Step 3, and he kept McNabb in even though McNabb couldn't throw the ball ten feet with any accuracy. As a result, he never threw a catchable ball to TO. (And, to be fair, that's "catchable" in TO's terms, which means TO is less than twenty yards away and single-covered.) After seven games of this uselessness, TO finally blows up and starts to complain. Unfortunately, it was The Outsider who did it, which meant that everyone in Philadelphia immediately closed ranks (and they did it with a sigh of relief, because then it meant that they could talk shit about McNabb and Reid--they "weren't no TO, but...")

If Reid had taken McNabb out for recovery before Game 2, then he would have been back in for Game 6, throwing touchdown passes to TO. And the Eagles would have been in the Super Bowl and won it.

The Last Otaku said...

I have a Wii. Waited 12 hours outside of walmart for one. It was worth it. I got to play Zelda and that was all I needed.

I bought Wario Ware yesterday and it is awesome. Its crazy and insane. At launch I also bought Trauma Center which is also fun. And of course Wii Sports is fun as well.

All my friends thought the Wii would be a gimmick until they played it and now they love it.

Oh and Red Steel isnt a terrible game, it just has itsw share of flaws that hold down the fun parts of it.

Im supprised that you didnt say anything about the sword swinging in Zelda. After awile swinging back in forth in mid air in front of my family just got annoying, embarasing, and tiring.

*cough-Eaglessuck-cough* OH SNAP!

And yes, Wii sporth is that dang fun. I got some of my friends addicted to it.

I wouldent go as far as to say that Wii Sports is better than Gears of War, just because its so different.

The girls of PMS arnt really all that hot either. There is one okay one but the rest are just wierd looking.

I beat Twilight Princess in 43 hours. Im over 200 hours in Oblivion and still havent done everything and I have the strategy guide (that 200 hours accounts for all my characters which is 3). The max ive spent on a character was 120 hours.

The first 4 or 5 hours of Zelda isnt that great. Those are just the begining dungeons. Once you beat the initial 3 the world is at your mercy to explore. Stabs his sword through Gannons mom and then to Gannon? Lol *head explodes*

Come on Dave, try to compare to Richards. I bet you can't.

Lol, repeated shots to the crotch is brilliant!

Dave Riley said...

The McNabb debacle last year was a whole other thing, but I agree with you. McNabb would've missed only three weeks (they had a bye) but decided he was going to play out the season after suffering what was pretty close to a season ENDING injury (brilliant!) I guess it took two more before he finally realized that he should mosey off the field for once.

But McNabb is like a mini-Brett Farve. Philly won't let him go until he's dead. And don't get me wrong, I love the guy too... I just wish he was better at not getting hurt.

Regardless of whether or not it was the perfect situation for TO, the guy's had trouble with every team he's on and the Eagles were no exception, and the Eagles are a team used to weathering superstars with huge egos (hello Freddie Mitchell). It sucks that McNabb got hurt, because him and TO were a pretty solid team on the field, but it's not like Mr. Owens didn't have problems with every other team he was a part of. I'm still gonna say a good part of the burden is with him.

HaloJonesFan said...

Oh, I agree that TO should have kept his mouth shut (or at least found a more appropriate--and more private--route to express his criticisms of the team's performance) but I'm just saying that you can't say "oh well the whole thing was TO's fault because he's such a jerk".

The Wii: Back in the post-Christmas shopping season, I was buying some used games in an EB, and I heard the two guys behind me trashing the Wii. (And dropping a steady rain of F-bombs while they were doing it.) "Oh, the Wii looks like f'in s, look at how much f'in better the PS3 looks, f'in Nintendo is s, blah blah f." The thing is, though, that as you pointed out the Wii is not about graphics. It's about a control scheme for videogames that doesn't involve pushing buttons to make preprogrammed sequences happen on the screen. Like, an uppercut punch is no longer QCF+L1; it's an uppercut punch. Where Nintendo is (...or should be) putting their money, with the Wii, is in the user interface.

HaloJonesFan said...

I've actually been making a concious effort to not curse when I'm talking in public, because I've noticed how much it's starting to annoy me when that happens. I mean, if you're hanging out with your friends in a relatively private space, then you know what standards of behavior everyone's got. But if you're in a completely public space, like a mall or a restaurant, it's a bit...excessively casual to assume that we're all okay with you cursing at the top of your voice.

Not that we all need to turn into the Japanese or anything, but...y'know, you're in a crowded store with lots of kids and parents having a nice day out, and here you are bellowing about how it's hot as balls in here, and these fucking people at the counter are such dumbasses, and man that PS3 looks fucking sweet, and Jesus that Wii looks like ass, I can't believe they put that shit up right next to the PS3, like they're trying to fucking compare the two, I mean, fuck, come on here!

It's hardly surprising that twelve-year-olds on the Internet talk the way that we've heard. Monkey see, monkey do...

HaloJonesFan said...

What the hell's going on? Did you guys get porn-spammed too?

Actually, thinking about it, that would be a good way to shut down blogs you don't like. Go and post a bunch of porn-site links in their comments section, and BAM.