Sunday, January 21, 2007

Show #79: Getting Stabbed Sucks

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This time we talk about Trinity Blood.

This podcast is about:

Rollerskating Midgets

Savage Love


The 40 oz


The Last Otaku said...

I watched the first ep of Trinity Blood while waiting to watch the first ep of Bleach on cartoon network and I just thought that it was boring. So I pulled out my gameboy and started playing SRT while waiting.

HaloJonesFan said...

You're right, only perverts drink Steel Reserve.

I think that you should do an all-about-the-cat episode of "Fast Karate for the Gentleman". It would certainly be more interesting than hearing about Trinity Blood.

Dave Riley said...

You're right, only perverts drink Steel Reserve.

Oops. Fixed.

peterh said...

Aw, why'd you fix it? I liked it better the other way.

peterh said...

Oh snap! I was trying to figure out what the wheelchair thing was all about on the word verification thing. I had no idea blind people use the internet. What's the point?

Do you think people have a website up somewhere making fun of blind people? Do you think they have a handicapped access link so the blind people will know about it?