Monday, January 22, 2007

Show #80: The Nintendo Blow

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This time we talk about The Legend of Zelda.

This podcast is about:

The Nintendo Blow

Nintendo Cereal

That "one" Heart Container


peterh said...

When I was in first grade, we had to keep a journal. Just a simple little daily writing exercise in which we transcribed anything at all that happened the day before. I got a letter sent home to my parents because all I would ever write in it everyday was the Nintendo cereal theme song. Over and over again.

The Last Otaku said...

Wow, Nintendo cereal. That looks delicious...well, it would if I liked cereal.

MC Burnett said...

The original Legend of Zelda was I think one of the first games on the Virtual Console. Get on it.

And they just dropped the SNES Zelda: A Link to the Past, this week.

Gerald said...

As a pretty big shooter fan myself I think you guys need to do an episode focusing on some of the finer works of this genre like Mars Matrix, R-Type, Don Pachi, and maybe Gigawing, then again, I don't think that Gigawing can actually be beaten without dying so I don't know if that counts, and how EVERY GAME that came out for the Turbographics 16 was a shooter or Bonk's Adventure.

Dave Riley said...

Gigawing can be beaten without dying, a friend and I were obsessed with that game for years. To the point where we found a secret boss in the arcade that the internet (to this day) still doesn't seem to know about it. But then, we had two players so we were able to alternatively shield through much of the game. We would purposely make handicaps like I wouldn't use bombs (to increase score).

That game was amazing, but then, I think any game where the score gets so high that you stop counting the numbers and instead refer to it by the COLOR OF THE NUMBER is awesome. How cool is it to say 654 purple as compared to 654 octillion?

Gerald said...

Gigawing was always a game that mystified me since I was always wondering how does someone get "one" point, JUST ONE.

Derek said...

Loved your rants on Legend of Zelda. I didn't have a Nintendo growing up so unfortunately I haven't played the originals. Your comments on Nintendo cereal were great, it reminded me of Gamespot's Nintedo retrospective feature which if you haven't seen is completely awesome for people who grew up on Nintendo.

I think they describe the Nintendo cereal as "Ground up hobos." I also had the misfortune of playing the CD-I Zelda games because my family had a laserdisc store and a brief stint with CD-I. Since I was starved for a video game console but couldn't ever get one I played all the really crappy games for that system. I think the only thing that can compete with the sheer wiggliness of the CD-I Zelda animation is the Star Wars Christmas Special animation.

Arada said...

Oh god, that email was really that random. Crap. I need to re-read that one. Pft, good thing you did read the whole thing Dave, I asked about MYST and I think Kingdom Hearts. But I'm god with Zelda seeing how that is an awsome game.

And the Oracle games are for Gameboy Color. Not advanced. ......yeah.

Arada said...

Yeah, double posting may not be so cool, but I didn't mean did and god, I meant didn't and good. Yeah. I bet you knew that. I'm going to go.....away now.